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    [MUSIC] Help me remember this song

    So had this one line from a song stuck in my head and i cant for the life of me remember the rest of it, and have failed to find it via google. Its about a guy beong cheated on by his girlfriend and the only line i really remember is "but ive seen you" or "but i saw you" its the main line of the chorus and i thought the title. Not much to go on i know but any help is appreciated, its drving me mad not being able to remember it =P

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    Going with the most obvious one


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    Nah, thats not the one, but my day is a little better for hearing that song again

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    Is it similar, same genre? You must be able to give me more!

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    Guess its a bit more rock-esq and was a band, and fairly sure it was released late 00's

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    Is the only one I can come up with at the moment :/

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    all I got right now lol
    I don't have a fancy signature right now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Katsuii View Post

    all I got right now lol
    He said late 00's

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    A friend just linked me it, it was "your love is a lie" by simple plan, Thanks for replying guys

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