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    Script for changing an X or Y value of a SUF unit?

    I am not sure how complexed this script would have to be but I am currently using a profile switching script to change between two profiles to move unit frames up and down which seems very unnecessary and now with the amount of scripts I am using in my UI, I may need more profiles and to me it seems far too over complicated. It seems like a waste of memory and profiles just to do something simple like this.

    So my quest is: Can I use a script (possibly an OnClick or OnUpdate but I can fill that part in later) to move the Target of Target frame higher by its Y Offset with the Shadowed Unit Frame addon?

    Thank you in advance. I have been looking in the lua files of the Shadowed Unit Frame addon folder but I am not sure what to look for and if I find it, how will I register in my addon folder (or KgPanel script page) that I need it to know where to find these variables? I hope that makes some sense, if not at least what I am asking for!)

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    Bumping this as I'm also interested in knowing if this is at all possible.

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