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    How old are you guys? I think she's just a stupid young girl thinking about no one but herself. Think about all the hell she put you through. You don't have to hang out with her and if she wants you back. Don't do it! She is just using you as a boytoy. Only focus yourself on your daughter. BE STRONG FOR HER AND NO ONE ELSE. She will make you happy!

    I wish you all the best of luck in life and hopefuly you will find love again. BE STRONG!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Orangelight View Post
    The only advice I could give, based on experiences I've been through, cheating once almost always leads in to more. It's shown to me that they can't control themselves or stay loyal for the relationship they're in.
    True, no matter how much you love a girl, if you forgive cheating she will just take you for granted and keep cheating and think you'll forgive her every time, better to just end it the first time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chriscadaver View Post
    TL: DR - Never fall in love.
    How about simply not falling in love with a completely mentally imbalanced slut?

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    Well, all of these poeple here telling you what's good for you and what not to do, but honestly are you gonna listen to a guy over the internet? We can't decide for you, even if we do tell you to get over her and look for love elsewhere, it wont help. You have to get there by yourself. You know how people say Love is complicated? It's not, it's simple. You either do what is best for you, or you don't do it. If you're not gonna get back together with her, it's not because someone here on MMO-C told you not to. You know it's very critical that you don't take her back, we all know this, the question is, do you know it? If not, you won't find anything here that'll help you. Sorry if I'm being harsh, that's just my opinion on the matter. And as for the child, I don't know what usually happens when a child's parents get divorced, but be there for your daughter, you don't have to be with her mother to be a good father, hell you don't even have to like her mother to be a good father. Man up and do what's best for you, trust me being with her isn't any good for your daughter if that's what you think. Again sorry if I'm being harsh.

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    Don't look back to that bitch(sorry!). I wouldn't after first cheat.

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