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    Can't wait to test out MM come ToT

    So, by the looks of things, granted that blizzard doesn't continue to revert/negate changed drastically needed to MM's shot rotation, MM has the possibility to out reign Sv, and BM!! Which me personally am quite excited for...now the question at hand is how many of you are going to be rolling Marks again along with Powershot? I still think glaive toss/barrage are going to be the two choices here and only because the knock back from powershot will be an issue i'd say in a raid situation.

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    MM was simming lowest of the 3 specs prior to the reduction in the Chim-shot buff.
    MM is also horribly rigid if dumping with Aimed Shots (50 focus for 1 shot means you will rarely get to cast 2 back to back) - there's no way it, in its current form, will be better than Surv, or even BM. Even if it were to do slightly more DPS than Surv/BM, I'd probably be hesitant if we have to dump with aimed shot to make it viable, mostly because it greatly limits the immidiate burst that hunters can deal, which is one of the very few utilities we have. If there's a 2 second cast time between every hit you make, you better hope the add doesn't die mid-cast, or in a fight like protectors, that your shot goes off before it reaches its target. Surv/BM doesn't have those issues outside of Cobra shot.

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