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    new hunter

    im new to wow and want to know whether to play bm or marks. i just dont know too much about want each is about but hunter seemed really cool. any help is appreciated.

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    BM single target, survival aoe... don't play MM right now if you are looking for damage.

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    I recommend BM for leveling. Good amount of damage and you get amazing pets. My Troll right now is BM and MM.

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    1) go BM 2) put random movie on another screen 3) pull mob with arcane shot 4) watch movie until mob dies 5) loot and repeat steps 3-5 until 90

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    Unfortunately BM. Personally I recommend trying the other specs when you're done leveling though because imo they're both way more fun.

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    Max lvl play, BM is better single target, surv is better multi tagret/aoe.
    If leveling there all fine, and I would recommend trying them all out.
    bm is the strong pet dmg spec.
    mm is the strong hunter hard hitting dmg spec.
    surv is the "alot of small dmg that adds up spec with good multi target dmg.

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    BM is what I first leveled with, its a ton of fun being able to tame any beast you set your eyes on. Plus its pretty easy single target dps, and you can tank almost anything with your pet.

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    Right now i would probably recommend survival mostly because of the aoe which will make killing things easier if you have access to heirloom gear. If you don't have access to heirloom gear then perhaps just go Beast mastery.

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    I have not played marks in a long time but with the buffs that are coming to it in 5.2 it may be worth testing it out and seeing if you like it.

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    so BM it is lol. thanks for all the help.

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    BM will help you learn about working with your pet controls and management.
    Marks is all about the ranged aspect of the class.
    Surv is good for area effects.

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