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    They used to be called 'Quarter Water' in the hood. Back in the 80's.

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    Yeah they were ok but not as good as kool-aid.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wiyld View Post

    Where is the radiation talk coming from!??

    Are they really radioactive or something? Lol

    Or is it just the toxic plastic from China they are packaged in?
    I think its people being over dramatic about sugary drinks.

    I used to drink those along with rice krispie treats when my mom went to the local Wonder Breadstore and got me them. I also used to like drinking Squeezits and Mondos because I liked chewing on the bottle. In fact I still tend to chew my drinking straws. Teething is soothing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Togarox View Post
    Yes I drank them. My favorite were these though because you could chew the wax afterwards:

    I loved chewing on the wax as well.

    Also since we are talking about drinks; what ever happened these? Clearly Canadian's disappeared randomly from the grocery stores a long while ago, and I haven't seen them since.

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    That seems to have actual juice in it. These things can't even legally be called juice. They're "drink." If you hear people talking about "grape drink," for example, it's something similar. Juice is significantly more expensive so many lower income children have to settle for grape drink instead of grape juice.

    Quote Originally Posted by Tommo View Post
    Assuming its just sugary juice we have these in Britain, they were the shit!

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