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    Did you drink these when you were a kid?

    I haven't seen them in quite a while, though they were shown in a PBS documentary last month. I don't think I ever had one, nor can I fathom putting something like that in my body. But apparently as kids we thought they were pretty good. Did a lot of people enjoy these tiny barrels of nuclear waste?

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    Yeah, I remember drinking them when I was younger, but not that often.

    Haven't had one in years though.
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    Nope, even back then I knew what to stay away from not to get radiation poisoning.

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    I drank a blue one like last week, they taste exactly the same as when i was a kid lol.

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    Teenies and Big bursts (the large 50 cent version with a nipple on the top). Used to get em all the time when I lived in Boston. Along with 25 cent bags of chips, lol. Teenies were also 25 cents.

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    And these. How is it acceptable to sell this stuff to children?

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    They can sell it to children because tasting good > healthy. Duh!

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    Yeah! In fact, my husband and I saw some of those at Walmart, and got all nostalgic. We almost bought them just for the hell of it, but I didn't like most of the colors except for red :P

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    we didnt have those exactly but we had a somewhat similar looking plastic container with the same juice im sure

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    The real candy rot, I haven't seen anything like this since I was a kid, they were banned I think due to the obvious, this was well over 25 years ago now, but I do remember stuff like this.

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    yeah they tasted ok when i was a kid. our local grocery store still sells them. they taste terrible now. had a grape one awhile ago took a couple drinks got home and dumped it down the sink. was so gross.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sneezeburger View Post
    And these. How is it acceptable to sell this stuff to children?

    I've never seen those barrel things, but I have seen those ^, I loved them!

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    they are hugs right? if so my little sister drinks them all the time... or at least gives them out to her friends
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    yep, what breadisfunny said. I remember enjoying them when I was a kid...haven't had them for a long time, but from the taste my brain is remembering, I don't think I would care much for them now.

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    Yeah, I had those exactly and remember liking them. Same for Kool-Aid and Capri Sun. I've since tried them all in my 20's and found them all so very disgusting. I can't believe I could drink them.

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    Ehh I remember them. I didn't really like them though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sneezeburger View Post
    And these. How is it acceptable to sell this stuff to children?

    I've never seen those barrel things, care to give some kind of info on them? I have seen those ^, I loved getting those every once in a while when I was a kid.

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    as far as i remember those drinks tasted awful, almost as bad as

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    Yeah the used to be delicious, but i haven't had one in years.

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    Assuming its just sugary juice we have these in Britain, they were the shit!

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