Where do you find the motivation? Do you only level classes that look to be OP? Are there any other races beside Human/Undead for PvP?

There are a large quantity of questions that can be asked with regards to picking characters, and I was curious how other players decide what class & race to play within Azeroth?

For myself, I look at classes that have interesting mechanics, and from there I pick the one that I think I would have the most fun with. For example, currently I have five 90s, but I am only playing my Monk (I enjoy the mobility, and abilities such as Touch of Karma), and have my Rogue as an alt (Stealth is a lot of fun!). My Rogue aside, I am loving my Monk as the class just FEELS much more fluid compared to other classes. While I only pvp, it was not favorable playing a monk in 5.0, but I feel like we are where we should be currently in 5.1. The only change I would do is to make para a 20 yd range baseline, but our damage seems fine, maybe even nerf it slightly! I digress...

The race of my Monk, is a female Orc! I have never created a female Orc in my 8 years of playing, and I am shocked at how not horrible it is! I selected the Orc for the racials, as a Windwalker I benefits from nearly all of them. I went female only because I enjoy transmog, and male Orcs slouch over a bit, and ruins any chest pieces you might be trying to show.

However if I could pick any race, and not worry about racials, faction...etc, I would pick male Draenei in a heartbeat! I don't care what people say, they look like ENORMOUS and powerful in many of their animations! (The day Draenei can be locks, is the day I switch to Alliance).

So, what about you? Why did you pick your class/race, and if your favorite class could be your favorite race, what would it be?