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    Need help choosing a rogue main spec

    LIke the title says I am looking for help with choosing a rogue main spec. The choice would be between Assassination and Combat due to the pure fact that I am not a huge fan of sub. I would like to focus on both worlds I want to be be able to perform well in both raids and PvP. As of such I am seeking help from the community that might be willing to help also not entirely knowledgeable of the buffs made in patch 5.2.

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    Assassination is pretty lackluster in PvP, but it's solid in PvE. Combat has some crazy burst in PvP, but it doesn't have SD utility/control like Subt; it's fine in PvE and getting buffed in 5.2 to be potentially on par with Mut.

    Subt is really the best choice if you want to do both with one spec: it's already as good as Mut for PvE (at near-BiS levels) and definitely the best PvP spec. Luckily the game has dual speccing, so you don't have to choose just one.

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    do I have to use daggers with sub

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    Quote Originally Posted by murdax View Post
    do I have to use daggers with sub
    You don't have to, but it's optimal similar to how you don't have to use a 2.6 as Combat (but you will lose damage otherwise).

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