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    If a friend asked you if he should start WoW and why, what would you reply?

    Simple question. I think it would be interesting to see what people actually think about WoW. would you recommend WoW to a friend?

    for simplicity sake, assume that the friend has played other games before, but not yet an MMO, and wants to start playing one. He has no prior knowledge of WoW or MMO's in general, although he does know what an MMO is.

    I would personally explain what I find is good about WoW and what is less interesting, and let him make up his mind from there.
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    For me, it's the Endgame & the Social Aspect. Both also have their downsides, but overall that's what I like best about WoW.

    Edit: Sorry misunderstood the Question. Yes I would recommend it.
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    I would suggest other MMOs if they were looking for an MMO to play. It's not that WoW is a bad game (it's not), it's just that there are other, smaller MMOs out there with great communities and fun content.

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    i quit a while ago, i would say:

    The game gets better the more time you spend on it on a schedule for raiding. If you do not want to play that much or on a regular schedule, there are better games for you.

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    If it was someone who, like me, played games for the story and the action, and wanted to play on his own time, I would say sure. If we were close friends, maybe we could level together and actually pay attention to the lore, then do battlegrounds and arena together.

    If, however, it was someone who would get caught up in the social aspect and devote his life to guilds and raiding, putting them at priority over his real life, I would tell him to steer clear and not explain why. Either way though, I would try to make him play Halo.

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    I'd RAF them and have them make up their own mind instead of telling them.

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    I would basically tell him to stay far away, unless he's dead-set on playing an MMO. In that case, I'd begrudgingly recommend WoW over any other MMORPG.

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    Hell I'll buy it for him/her.

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    I'd go to lengths to make it seem appealing. The amount of irl people I know still playing this game is pretty low.

    Then again, being a newbie in WoW (particularly with experienced friends to help you out) is a great feeling.

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    I cant imagine ppl starting the game now so id say no. Tho the game is pretty easy for noobs now but nah.
    Dont get it why someone would start the game now and didnt earlier, unless theyre like 14 or something.

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    Game is shit don't waste your time. Play/do something else, even watch paint dry.

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    Starting world of warcraft in 2013, I dont know about that. If you've never played it before. I'd say no.

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    I think at this point in the games life cycle, I'd tell them to pass on it. Like it or not, WoW is on the decline. Yes, it's still a very strong powerhouse, but it's glory days are behind it. Couple that with the end game focus and extreme ease of the lower levels, and I think my friend would be in for too big of a shock once they actually got to end game. Things are a heck of a lot different between level 1-80 and 80-90. If they were insistent on wanting to try it though, I'd tell them to grab the first 3 expansions for $5, and see how they like it for themselves. $5 isn't too much for a learning experience.

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    If they expressed interest? Absolutely, and I would be excited to play with them.

    As far as recommending the game to friends on my own initiative, it depends on the friend. If they're new to MMOs and just generally interested in trying one, I would recommend. If he had MMO experience and gravitated towards more hardcore games, I might recommend he do the trial before purchasing because it might not be his cup of tea.

    I think WoW is a great game and can appeal to a very wide variety of players, and the trial is free, so why not try?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sevyvia View Post
    I would basically tell him to stay far away, unless he's dead-set on playing an MMO. In that case, I'd begrudgingly recommend WoW over any other MMORPG.
    This. I like WoW, and I'd like to have friends play it, but I don't want to be the cause of a severe addiction. Some people can get pretty badly addicted and I don't really want to be involved in that in any way. However, if said friend is an avid gamer and knows what they'd be getting into, I'd gladly suggest WoW.

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    I have found that solution to this question (at least for me) is to point my friend to the free trial. I have learned that even though I find something fun, they aren't necessarily going to.

    Once they have the trial in place, I will be online while they are. Ready to answer questions that they might have about the game.

    I want my friends to be as well educated as they can be in regards to this game. I want them to be educated without the potential bias I may bring.

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    I love the game, and being able to play it with IRL friend is great, so basically yes... But with simple rules:
    1. don't expect me to carry you through the game. I can explain you something you don't understand about it , but helping you too much would ruin the whole experience.
    2. NEVER EVER talk about the game when we are out, even if we are alone... that's VERY annoying.

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    Quote Originally Posted by nzall View Post
    for simplicity sake, assume that the friend has played other games before, but not yet an MMO, and wants to start playing one. He has no prior knowledge of WoW or MMO's in general, although he does know what an MMO is.
    Then no, I wouldn't I can 99% for sure say anyone who hasnt played any sort of mmo, will be hooked on the first one they come across, especially one like wow, I've seen it before

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    Sure, I'd recommend they try the trial.. and if they liked it I'd be happy to create a char and level up with them on any server/faction they fancied. Win win for me, I'd get to have fun, they'd get to have fun... why not.

    Maybe if it was a friend who had game-related control problems before and I felt like any MMO would be detrimental to their personal relationships or job I might discourage them, but to be honest, I've never had a friend like that so I can't see a downside with any of my existing friends.

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    I'd absolutely warn against it, the best years in WoW are long gone, and there are way to many avenues to try that don't involve 12 year olds in major cities spamming Anal *Insert Spell name here* the gameplay has gone to shit, mechanics are terrible now, and the community absolutely blows ass, I don't know how anyone could ever in good conscious refer a friend to play WoW.

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