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    I was always a big fan of console games, however i'd never played any online games. My boyfriend back then was playing WoW regularly and I used to mock him and the game.
    He turned round to me one day and said why don't you try it? So I made a toon on his account and played around for a couple hours, loved it so much I had to go buy it myself the next day :P

    I rolled a night elf druid, as they sounded so cool, with all the different ways you could play, alliance as thats what faction he was on. Started levelling as boomie, later switched to resto and that toons still my main to this day
    Warriors in PvP are like small hyperactive children in a candy shop made of bouncy castle.

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    Was interested in playing after I saw my friends at uni play shortly after the EU release of classic WoW back in 2005. Bout a week later, one of them who was on a guest pass bought a copy in the local games shop because he couldn't be arsed waiting for the copy to come from his online order, so when that arrived a day later, he just gave it to me!

    Which Race?
    I spent about 3-4 hours researching the races and classes before I even made my first character. Even researched the name I would use. First race was a troll, which I got to about level 12 before realizing I was on a different server to my uni mates. Quickly switched to the correct realm and made me a Tauren.

    Which Class?
    After much research, I decided I liked hunters best so went with a hunter. It got to level 18 before I deleted him and made a shaman, then a rogue, then a mage. Think I ended up making in excess of 100 characters before I finally made one that stuck! Took me another 7 years to finally get a hunter to end game!

    Why Horde/Alliance?
    Went with horde originally as all my mates played Horde. After about a year I made an alliance character on a PvP server (God knows why, I hated PvP at the time anyways!). This became my main after a realm transfer to a PvE realm, which is the realm I still play on, where I have all my best characters and where I met my GF. So yeah, Alliance all the way now!

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    My girlfriend had left me and I went deep down into depression and I needed a virtual "satisfier" to make myself feel happy and to feel accomplishing something again after such a relationship failure. Therefore I started playing WoW. Do I regret? Hell no.

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    I started World of Warcraft mainly due to the story in WCI, II, III and all the expansions. I loved in Wacraft III that you controlled a hero and World of Warcraft basically promised me that I would be a "hero" and could evolve into a more powerful version throughout the game. I wasn't a real PC player until then, sure I did those games I mentioned earlier. But mostly I was found on consoles. So I was a bit "scared" to mix with veteran players, who easily mastered the controls via keyboard. That said I did find it easier then I had anticipated, but was totally overwhelmed with the game when I started it. So vast, so many people (in vanilla).
    So all in all, I just wanted to see more of Azeroth then just the RTS games.

    Which Race?
    As I loved the story of Arthas, Uther and the like - and played a paladin in other games aswell, the race was set by default for me > Human.

    Which Class?
    As I loved the story of Arthas, Uther and the like - and played a paladin in other games aswell, the race was set by default for me > Paladin

    Why Horde/Alliance?
    Well I very much disliked the chaos that seems to be a theme in Horde "culture". But since I started out in Vanilla, I had no choice really anyway. Paladins were faction based. So Alliance it was and I loved it and still love it. I would never go horde, unless I could avoid Orgrimmar. I would set my HS in Undercity or perhaps even Thunderbluff. I absolutaly hate the main capital of the Horde. And while people say: "Why would you play a paladin, what kind of void imagination do you have - play a troll etc" - I like the archtype hero = human. I don't mind what everyone else picks, I love that others pick something else.

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    Good question. I guess D1 and D2 sucked me into Blizzard games. So after 3 years of D2 it seemed natural to try their next thing, though I never played WC (loved the cinematics however)

    Female NE Rogue first char - the box and cinematics sold me on that. But ended as a UD warlock. Nowadays I have 9 Horde and 2 Ally toons, spanning all classes with the races that I like best.

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    I had played Diablo II from 2001-2004 pretty much solidly. Moved onto Medal of Honor Allied Assault and had fun being competitive in that game. Then a load of people started dropping like flies for this new World of Warcraft (wankcraft as it was called in my clan). After spending months berating the players who started in Beta. I heard my RL friend was starting and he just wouldn't stfu about it. Eventually he said come round, make a character and I bet you buy it. 8 years later I'm typing this out.
    Which Race/Class?
    When I first tried it, I was a human warrior. When i got my own account, I originally wanted to be an undead rogue, coolest combo in the game IMO. Friends were all alliance and they were both human rogues, so I became a Night Elf Rogue. Not sure why so many rogues, but cool anyway.

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    I used to play runescape, but then a friend came up with guildwars and WoW. First i played guild wars for 4 months. I couldn't afford the monthly costs, since i had to pay that for my self. I found out about Private servers and played on that for a month. But more and more friends started to play the real WoW, so i looked for a job. I worked 1 day a week, just to be able to buy the game, and buy the 2month game cards.

    Which Race
    I started of as a Night Elf. But switched to the dwarfs in a few days

    Which Class
    My night elf was a rogue, later switched to my dwarf warrior.

    Why Alliance?
    My friends played alliance, and for some reason alliance felt more fun? right now my once beloved dwarf is an orc, because of my friends. But my heart still lies by the alliance

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