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    Combat Ancedote

    Today I was out archeolgizering, when I discovered that there were still some horde left on Ursin. I set upon them immediately.

    The only death was an 89 mage. The other rogue and I ended up jousting, but here's where there's the promised ancedote:

    I opened on the blood elf rogue and, as cheap was ending, went into spree. Spree can chase a vanished target, kind of, but it doesn't seem to damage them any longer. He did, in fact, vanish, but was well below half even after two spree hits (and my pre-CS-ending attacks). He then CSed me as my spree ended, and went into spree himself. Not three seconds in, I had to trinket-vanish- my health was far too low.

    Later we had a similar engagement where I didn't get tricked into tanking any part of a spree.

    I'm 488 ilvl, full pvp except mainhand.
    He's 483 ilvl, full pvp, one dreadful ring rest mal.

    The impression I got from both of these is that spree is potent. Granted, both sprees were against a relatively weak class defensively. The reason I found this interesting is that while I routinely will beat up some horde in a BG or whatever, I don't normally get scared versus a single rogue move in 8700 resil, but I sure did here. Every spree cast by either of us forced a vanish.
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    Spree may do well, but what do you do outside of it? SS/RvS doesnt exactly hit hard and AR/blades is on a 3 min CD. I'd feel like a sitting duck with none of those abilities up. Plus, I am not a patient person, I'd need to use restless blades lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by Verain View Post
    I'm 488 ilvl, full pvp except mainhand.
    He's 483 ilvl, full pvp, one dreadful ring rest mal.
    gear and ilvl does not equal skill. you should already know that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maemae View Post
    gear and ilvl does not equal skill. you should already know that.

    2+2=4, you should already know that.

    In case you REALLY don't know what the hell is up:

    This thread is about how threatening a move is. I needed to provide context. I'm pretty sure I'm a better rogue than him- but not because I have a few more ilvls than him. I listed that because it is relevant. If our sprees were each done in, say, 463 dungeon gear, or he had a lot of gear and I didn't, then this ancedote would be a lot less interesting- you wouldn't know if it was relevant to you, who presumably go through the effort of gearing up. Both of us were comparably geared, and about at max ilvl for this patch, but I use a pve mainhand and he doesn't.

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    Spree isn't any worse then Shadow Dance, in fact i think dance is stronger. With Cloak and Dagger you can CC a healer and explode a dps while doing the same burst that spreed does. Hell 2 oblits can force a vanish on a rogue.
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    Combat has KSp, AR+SB, and 8s KS. After that, they have almost nothing. Combat is pretty damn strong 1v1; however, you're dead if either of your cooldowns get peeled. A combat rogue without CDs is not a threat, and they're not short CDs either if you can't get a lot of Restless Blades action in there.

    If you can land CDs, they're dead in seconds. If you can't land CDs, you'll most likely be dead shortly. When you add team mates in there (which is how WoW is "balanced"), you don't bring the control that subt does, your burst is far more spread out than subt's, and your burst is far more easily peeled than subt's. Furthermore, SD does about as much as KSp on a shorter cooldown, and SD+SB will end someone immediately.

    It's a fun 1-button spec burst spec, but it's not as useful as subt in the right hands.

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