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    Should I get tips for rezzing people?

    I read a while ago about a mage saying something about tips for porting, and I was thinking since I play a healer, should I demand they tip me for rezzing , or if symbosised battle rezzing them? Some might say its my required job but is it really, its a convience thing for me, not talking about the guild perk rez, my rez takes time to cast and its mana consuming. I could just let the dps or tanks walk all the way back but I rez them for free. Dont flame me im a good guy healer sometimes heal new players while standing in the fire.

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    Should we get tips for answering the question?

    You get the point.

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    Should I get tips for topping the dps meters? : /

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    i play ret pally i use res on healer that gets one shotted by MC umm should i make them run bak or ask for a tip im not a @sshole just helpin the nubs

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    When you rez someone, it saves YOU time to complete whatever your running. You benefit, so no.

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    I think you're comparing apples to oranges. Rezzing is part of a healer's role, and giving a rez and not giving one can even mean a wipe in a dungeon or raid. Porting however is merely a thing of convenience, saving someone time getting from one place to another.

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    this ain't everquest yo.

    in a raid setting you're working for a common goal - to beat the bosses as fast as possible. so, in that regard, tipping would be inappropriate for rezing as its part of your "job description". a more apt analogy would be to a mage dropping a table, not a port. we don't tip mages for dropping tables, or warlocks for healthstones, because its part of their "job" to make the raid successful. a port out in the world is a service of convenience, hence why a tip is usually recommended.

    that aside, its a pretty good troll.

    "rez plz?"
    "wts rez 10g"

    awh yeah

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    Portals save people several minutes of travel, sometimes close to 10 minutes, getting a port often times pulls the mage away from what they are doing, occasional from a whole different city.

    A Rez might save the person a 2 minute corpse run at best.

    If they have called you out to the middle of nowhere to rez them because they can't get to their body, sure a little gratuity might be on the table, but if you happen to be near and rez them? nah.

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    I should start taking a fee for every sunder i do , 10g per sunder is good i think and every 30 sunders you got 3 for free.

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    Half decent mages, and I'm not talking about their skill, don't charge for ports anymore since they don't cost anything. Tips are welcome, but not required. For a healer to charge for a rez would be ridiculous. Unlike a mage porting, which is purely for convenience, rezzing is part of your class job in a group environment. There's no legitimate reason not to just do it. If someone decided to tip you for it for whatever reason, that's nice, but if you require it then it's no longer a tip, it's charging. Don't be a prick.

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    Quote Originally Posted by crunk View Post

    that aside, its a pretty good troll.

    "rez plz?"
    "wts rez 10g"

    awh yeah
    And then running behind the person you just ressed and trying to open trade window for the entire instance duration
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    No you shouldn't!
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    no offense but this is probably one of the silliest questions ive ever seen lol

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    Some people really want to charge everything, screw good will...

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    A mage portal is mainly a convenience for someone. A resurrection is part of your job description as a member of your group. Actually that applies to mage portals as well really if you're porting members of your group to a dungeon or something.

    So no. I'd consider it bad taste and mildly trolling someone if it was even brought up.
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    You can't really tip if you're grouped up cross-realm if you're doing the LFG/LFR stuff. And if you agree on a tip beforehand it's not a big deal.

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    Come on guys... This isn't a serious question. It's a passive aggressive complaint about mages charging for portals put into it's own thread to get more attention.
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    Making a portal for some random guy does not benefit you in any way, thus the fee (ain't a tip since people demand the gold). Ressing someone in a dungeon speeds up the run, thus there is no fee, as you already benefit from the resurrection. And you can't trade people from different realms anyway, making it rather difficult to sell resurrections, unless the payment is in mage food.

    Requesting a fee for ressing someone in the middle of nowhere... I guess you could do that, but you'll be called an asshole for sure.
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    Only when you start tipping for buffs.

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