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    I should charge my group to have me resurrect my pet after a wipe as Beast Master then.
    I'm a good player and stuff, and yes, it is my job to dps, but if i have to spend 10 (TEN!) entire seconds of my time for something they take benefit from, then it shouldn't be free.

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    I always tip the resser if I died because I failed. If it was someone else's fault, then not. c:

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    I got my answers thanks! please close threads its getting off topic

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    don't charge for ports anymore since they don't cost anything. Tips are welcome, but not required.
    This is how I roll too, since the reagent cost has been removed.

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    Really? What's with you, people?

    It's a multiplayer game, in which we, theoretically speaking, should cooperate with each other to have fun.
    Social stuff, you know?
    Even charging for portals, come on, how expensive was it? 90s for rune? REALLY? It's definitely necessary to charge 5g for it!

    I just can't see the point in it. Charging for profession is a different thing, you have a choice, you skilled that up, you have a schematic/recipe/plans, etc...
    But a skill you would learn eventually (pre-MoP, when it still was at trainer's and required reagent)?

    Why not just be nice and "yeah, mate, no problem, here you are"...? Why does everything needs to be about money?

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    I'd rather run back to my corpse than tipping anyone.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Swiifty View Post
    I read a while ago about a mage saying something about tips for porting, and I was thinking since I play a healer, should I demand they tip me for rezzing?
    Mages rarely charge their customers nowadays because a Mage portal is effectively free, whereas it used to cost a portal rune. Mages should never charge for portals now that it has a negligible cost.
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    People used to give tips for rezzing in Final Fantasy XI because traveling was extremely slow (takes a while for rezzer to get there) and when you died, you lost experience and could even down level, making it where you couldn't equip some of your gear anymore. Rezzing would give you some of the lost experience back, depending on the level of rez (Raise1/2/3), and you could level back up after accepting.

    In WoW it's not that important.

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    as with most things, depends on how terrible the group is

    but should you expect a tip anytime soon? I wouldn't count on it

    Quote Originally Posted by Squaddles View Post
    Rezzing is part of a healer's role
    not dying is part of everyone's role

    Quote Originally Posted by Spray View Post
    Even charging for portals, come on, how expensive was it? 90s for rune? REALLY? It's definitely necessary to charge 5g for it!

    I just can't see the point in it.
    I believe "Time is money, friend!" is the correct phrase to cite here.
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    People are still on about Mage portals? Level a Mage if you care so much. Porting people removes you from the queue, that's why mages are dicks about it. Get over it.

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    0 out of 10
    pls try again.

    or don't. yeah, don't.
    Look! Words!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eschaton View Post
    A mage portal is mainly a convenience for someone. A resurrection is part of your job description as a member of your group. Actually that applies to mage portals as well really if you're porting members of your group to a dungeon or something.

    So no. I'd consider it bad taste and mildly trolling someone if it was even brought up.
    Which is exactly why mages don't get tipped when they portal people from a dungeon or to a dungeon, but they get tipped if said mage has been asked to portal someone to some random place. In the first, it's part of their job description and helps the group as a whole, in the second, it's an act of charity (unless mage charges for it) and tipping for his time is just polite.

    Similarly, if you res someone in a dungeon that's part of your task, if you see some random dude just being killed during questing or just because you happened to be there, ressing him may well deserve a tip. Not that this usually happens (neither the ressing or the tipping), but you get my point (hopefully).

    edit: as a sidenote, when I portal on my mage which I do gladly for anyone who asks, I get tipped maybe 1 out of 10 times. I don't charge for it, but I appreciate the gesture of a tip nonetheless, even if it's 1g. (Similarly, if I craft something for someone, I will appreciate the tip for my time and effort, but this too is rare.)
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    I should get tips for innervating healers on my druid.

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    I should get a tip for everytime I fart in vent and make everyone laugh. 50g per fart per person that got joyous laughter out of it. 1000g if you were lucky enough to smell it.

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    Yes you should, and then tanks should demand tips for holding aggro and the dps should really get tips for killing bosses if you think about it.

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    Resurrections are different. You don't have to leave your group/join a group. you're almost always standing next to the person you want to resurrect, and for the most part the only time you ever have to res someone is in a group when it's part of your job. Like a mage table.
    While in SW in a q and say someone dies falling off their mount or something, it's a lot easier to rez someone than for a mage to port due to joining/leaving a group and messing up your q for a mage, and rezzing you don't have any issues with your q. You don't have to, but it's nice and easy to. Just like a mage port when not in a q.

    When I'm on my mage in a group, at the end I throw a portal up (One to stormwind and one to shrine) just to be nice and save the group from burning their hearths. When I'm standing around doing nothing and someone whispers nicely, I'll usually just /invite portal up, /wave and disband. If you tip me, cool.
    If I have to come to you, I'll usually request a tip. You're asking me to provide a service.

    The problem many mages have is the newer thought that's been infecting the game the last 2 years. Mages are portal machines and GIMMAPORTELNAO

    "Back in the day" it used to be everyone just assumed it would cost a tip when they asked a mage to port them. Back then, I usually gave out a free port every so often just to be nice anyway. Lets face it, the mats were never all THAT expensive. Now you get people Ninja-inviting you to a group and saying "Dalaran plz nao."

    And it really gets my goat when a someone whispers me for a port, I decline and let them know I'm already in a group, and they flip out on me.
    I'm sorry, I'm NOT leaving my 42 min q to give a rude person a port that they won't even tip me for anymore anyway.
    Many people just don't care that you might actually be in a q for something and leaving it to save them 3 mins means making you wait another 40.
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    if u dont ress them i will.. nearly everyone has mass ress nowdays so i can ress no matter the class

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    The ideas you people get...

    I wish to be tipped when I set up a Soulwell on my warlock, and while we're at it, my soulstones could also be a good source of income for me.

    My priest's Leap of Faith could be really expensive because it can be a huge lifesaver when I grip you out of the fire.

    Do druid b-rezzes get extra?

    My shaman would like to add that she thinks her Stormlash is so amazing, that the people who benefitted the most from it in any given encounter should tip her accordingly as well.

    Long story short: If someone politely asks you for a rezz, there's absolutely no reason why you should be deserving of anything more than a "thank you". It's not a healer thing, btw. I can rezz when I'm shadow. I can rezz when I'm balance. I can rezz when I'm elemental. So don't be so... I don't know... I don't even have a word for it. Why is it such a big deal when some poor guy wants a rezz? Okay, maybe he's being a lazy idiot, but who cares? In the long run you're doing yourself a favour by just being nice and helpful and not starting a huge discussion about why you think you should be paid for using up a bit of your mana.

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    You should take tips for healing them, shouldn't you?

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