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    It's asinine because you can mog a bow into a gun and they have different animations.
    I agree, however, if you are MM at least, wild quiver procs use the original weapon animation so if you have a gun mogged into a bow, wild quiver procs will be gunshots and it can ruin the feel, making it good to follow suit. For MM anyways.

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    All of the best agi weapons are fists in ToT if I recall corrctly. Plus I'm a monk and monks can't see their fist weapons in combat. There are only agi fist weapons in the current tier as well. Blizzard has a fist weapon obsession this expac and it pisses me off.
    fist weapons are my favorite. Shamans get a fist weapon for elemental/resto this tier! YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAH

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    Thanks for the answers.
    Gotta get farmin for that calamity's grasp I guess!
    Gief 5,2k NOAW!

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