Well, I've tried to make-sure with an old Norelco I've had for years, but since I've lost all of the attachments except for the "shaver", I figure it's time to upgrade. And really, I want to get something *NICE*! I've tried trimming my beard with scissors, but it's just too difficult, and to get my beard "just right", takes like an hour.

First off, I typically wear a short, slightly-longer-than-stubble beard. I need something precise enough to prevent a bunch of uneven hairs, but without just completely shaving it off to a five o'clock shadow. As well, I typically leave the chin and mustache just a tad longer, so something adjustable would be great. Worth mentioning; I always keep a normal razor around for cleaning up around the edges, so no need for it to perform as an electric-razor or anything.

Finally, I've seen a few trimmers that claim to be waterproof. Given that I normally shave in the shower anyways (less razorburn, easier to clean up), I really dig the idea of a beard-trimmer that's waterproof -- but I don't want to sacrifice quality for it, either.

So, any suggestions?

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Anybody? Surely some of you guys have a trimmer to maintain some kind of awesome facial-hair!