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You do know that you can use the portal to the unbroken gate and intercept right ?

Even after yellow gate has been down less then 2 minutes, There are several times our team manages to hold more then 4 minutes at the last field.
Yes, though you may be onto something. My problem isn't that I can't catch the enemy team, but recently it seems only myself and maybe one other player will ever be able to keep up, and as a resto druid I don't have any way to slow the demos consistently. I might be blaming the battleground for other peoples' incompetence, but I do remember also playing a melee in Wrath when this bg first showed up and I found it very hard to connect with demos back then too. You get a chance when they're stopped at gates, but gates don't hold up for very long. To do well in this battleground, you want to be able to kill demos on their way to a gate.