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    battle.net offline mode??

    is there a way to directly or indirectly allow you to play battle net games without people on your friends list checking when you were last online?...

    aka gf/wife, "oh you were up late last night playing wow?! "

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    Not yet, but eventually there will be offline mode.

    I don't know how it will show on your friends/RID for "last online" though.
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    Yes, there is a way. Even though I'm not 100% certain if I'm allowed to tell you this according to forum rules. But I'll just do it anyway

    The way to block battle.net (aka offline mode) from connecting is by blocking its port in windows firewall.

    This is what you do:
    1. Go to start and type in the search box: "windows firewall" and well.. click "Windows Firewall"
    2. After that, if your firewall isn't active (could be because you're using an anti-virus's firewall, but you have to activate windows firewall too in order for this to work) activate it and click on the left side of the window "Advanced Settings".
    3. Then go to Outbound Rules and look at the right side of the window where you'll see "Actions" and below that most likely Outbound Rules and below that Add rule. Click add rule and select Port, after that click Next and type in the "Specific remote ports" 1119, which is the battle.net server port click Next and Next again and give the rule a name (mine is simply Battle.Net).

    After all of that's done your battle.nets connection will be blocked. BUT you now have to unblock it in order to log on WoW. You see, in order to make this work you have to disable the rule by right clicking it and Disable Rule before you log in. After you've logged on and you're at the character selection screen(!) you can activate the rule and log into WoW with your battle.net being disconnected.

    To summarize the final step:
    1. Have the rule disabled before you log in.
    2. Activate the rule when you're at the character selection screen.
    3. ???
    4. Profit.

    Hope I was clear enough for you to understand this

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    Weren't they going to add that feature in either 5.1 or 5.2?

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    There's no way to change the last online thing on realid, not even blocking the battle.net port will solve that problem. If you have to hide from people on realid then you probably shouldn't even be using it, just turn it off or something.

    Also I'm not sure how someone is supposed to respond to "oh you were up late last night playing wow?! " with anything other than, "yes? what's the problem?"

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    Seems to me unlikely that this specifically is going to happen. To play just about anything from Blizzard, you have to at least log on to battle.net to get authenticated. So that log entry is likely to be visible. You can show yourself as offline once you're in but there will be a record of it.

    So Kurt, just tell Goldie that she should be playing WoW as well and get on with it. As good as she looks at 67 you should be paying attention to her anyway.
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