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  • Warrior

    4 7.84%
  • Warlock

    6 11.76%
  • Paladin

    2 3.92%
  • Monk

    9 17.65%
  • Priest

    8 15.69%
  • Shaman

    7 13.73%
  • Hunter

    5 9.80%
  • Rogue

    2 3.92%
  • Mage

    1 1.96%
  • Druid

    2 3.92%
  • Death Knight

    5 9.80%
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    What class are you having the most fun playing/leveling, and why?

    Tel me why you like it and what spec you leveled/are currently playing as!

    Im a monk. Wasnt a big fan leveling with him, even thought it was fast without any heirlooms. Hes not fun in the sense of excitement, he is fun as a
    brewmaster in the sense of a badass. It is completely weird at 84 not having any "tank" gear.
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    I have to agree that leveling a monk was pretty dull, might also be the fact that it was 8th character to level.

    But i answered Priest in this case, didnt quite like priest in wotlk/cata but in mop it seems fun and new and exciting :O

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    My druis is my main.. Always was, always will be.. It's the class I have most fun playing, levelling, instancig and raiding with..

    My DemoLock and EnhShammy shares second place.. It really depends on, wether I'm in the mood for melee or caster, when I alt..
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    I voted monk. Granted, I have like 8 other 85s, so I wasn't took keen on leveling ANOTHER toon when MoP came out, but I did it anyways. Once I got to level cap and started tanking, it was probably the most fun I've had playing this game in a LOOOOOONG time. I love the mobility and the versatility of the monk class, and I had main'd a paladin up until this point. I really enjoy how the class has a high skill cap, and if you can keep your buffs up while performing along with the mechanics of the fight, I find that very rewarding. I have a hard time going back to my pally or my shaman, and can't really stay on those toons for too long or else I start missing being on my monk.
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    Shaman for me. Enhancement is the funniest leveling spec of any class to play.

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    Monk because they just i dunno suit me.

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    Shaman for me. Enhancement is the funniest leveling spec of any class to play.
    Same here pre monk and still today i love ENH.

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    I love affly warlok leveling...u have everything u ned, pet tank, drain life, u hardly ever need to drink a potion or something!

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    Out of the 11 characters I have, Monk (MW/WW), Priest (SP/HY), Lock (Demo/Des) and my Rogue (CB/Assassination) are the ones I like playing. Use to love my Paladin who was one of my original characters back in 2005, but Blizzard Fracked up paladins too much this expansion.

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    As much as I might bounce around between characters my Ret Paladin will always be my main, one or the other. I always enjoy him the most and I'll always go back to him. Then my Elemental shaman after.

    Just the lore of the class, the idea of the class has and always be appealing. From when I read it in the game manual when I was installing it release day until now I fell in love.
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    prefer my SV/MM hunter over all other classes and their specs. be it leveling raiding or pvping.
    hunter is the choice for me.

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    supprised to see monk out ahead.....I have one at 90 and quite frankly its pretty damm boring. It lacks any real form of complexity, particularly as dps.

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    I can't think of anything I have more fun on than my Shaman, I enjoyed it so much I have 2 on the same realm now.

    Resto/Ele leveling, Enhance PvE with a Resto PvP OS end-game

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    Went back to my fury warrior in MoP as the expansion changes to the class/spec made it so much fun to play, and I haven't had as much fun with that spec since TBC, now with more whack-a-mole abilities. My first *real* main was a fury warrior, but I dropped him when TG came around and went with a ret paladin, but the changes in cata made it a quite dull spec to play, and I'm no fan of Holy Power. MoP pre-launch patch sealed the deal because holy shit fury is incredibly fun.

    As for leveling.. hunter is just incredibly fun. Everything is doable as a hunter, and it's really fun to be survival in low leveled dungeons.

    Voted for warrior as it was a blast leveling in MoP, but it's the only class I've played past 85.
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    DK because of absolutely ridiculous low level blood boil damage.

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    Warlock. I have almost always been playing melee dps (Enhancement Shaman, Retribution Paladin, Fury Warrior) but now I wanted to try something else and I love it! There was a long time ago I had this much fun playing

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    I voted warlock. I haven't played much post 5.0, but out of multiple 85s, my 'lock is the only one where I think the feel of the class has actually improved.

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    Ill have to agree. I voted Shaman. For a bit I was going Enh/Heals till I went Ele/Heals - essentially the same gear. Enh was fun though 2x venerable mace of
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