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They were at war with the Gronn and the ogres. That's the whole reason they were a warrior society, they lived on a planet with giant murderous cyclops and big dumb ogres that like to smash anything that is smaller than them.

They also didn't start fighting each other until after they were corrupted because they wiped out the Draenei and had nothing left to feed their bloodlust. And you would have to ignore that every other race has had civil wars even though they weren't warrior societies.
They were also at war with each other. I'm pretty sure some clans did that before they drank the blood, since the purpose of forming the Horde was to direct that aggression, that fighting and killing at a common enemy.

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Yes he intended to drop the bomb but if Songweaver had weakened the gate and they'd taken the city without it I fail to see how that's 'a bad plan'. It's literally a win-win scenario, I don't get why anyone's criticizing it.
They didn't want to take the city, they wanted to destroy it.