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    Blizzard & data requests


    I think the mod missed my point in my old thread, it wasn't to argue whether the suspension was for a good reason or not, but to discuss whether I should be eligible to access that sort of data as they have done with Facebook? I couldn't find it breaking MMOC forum rules either so why was it locked?

    Afterall, in Facebook you also "create a character" under your real name, so these cases are really linked. Also, please don't move this thread as I'm talking about the whole Blizzard, not just WoW-gameplay. All of my Battle.net -games are operated by Blizzard.
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    There is no argument. The GM directed to legal for your answers. No point in creating a thread about it , never mind two.

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    Your thread was closed for a reason and opening a new one isn't going to do you any good. I suggest PMing the mod that closed your thread instead of making a new one.
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