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    Magnificent hide in 5.2

    So I saw there will be 2 new world drop patterns, one to make mag hides with 20 prismatic scales, and another to make mag hides with 20 exotic leather.
    Will this replace the current one for leatherworkers that requires 50 magnificent hide?
    Also what will be worth more tomorrow, magnificent hides or exotic leather. I know people will be rushing to get the new gear with hides, but at the same time I could make double the hides with all my exotic leather, provided I find someone with the new recipes

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scrotemus View Post
    Will this replace the current one for leatherworkers that requires 50 magnificent hide?
    I think you mean make a Magnificent Hide with 50 exotic leather? That one is not on a cooldown and I seriously doubt it is going anywhere. Teh hew ones are just an advantageous way to make a Hide with less materials BUT that is on a cooldown to prevent overuse.

    I'm going to assume that with this change people will be needing more leather to do the cooldown and making more Hides using the cooldown. WIth this in mind I'm going to assume that there will be a better market for leather. I suppose you could try to get LW to sell you their cooldown if they are not using it. Depends a bit on how much they want, and what you can get for the Hide afterwards. Note that all this is very server dependent.

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    I dont know the price on other servers but my own.
    Lately prices were 25-35 g per 20 stack of exotic leather, magnificent hide was 100-110 g per 1, prismatic scale was 80-160g per 20 stack.

    I dont think selling magnificent hide (20mats) CD will be profitable. Mats are just just too cheap. Noone would pay for it more than 20 g I am guessing.

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