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    Elba Esther Gordillo, the most powerful woman in México, now in jail

    They will decide if she stays in jail on monday next week, she's under investigation for using mexican teacher's money (she's the leader of that syndicate). To the date, PGR estimates the embezzlement to be from 200 to 400 million Dollars D:

    She spended like 3 million dollars in clothes and shoes (at Neiman Marcus), got a plane, and stuff like that... while mexican teachers make around 13k dollars a YEAR (yes, 13k).

    You can find more about this in here:
    http://www.cnnexpansion.com/economia...sther-gordillo (in spanish)

    http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2013...n-embezzlement (U.K. News)

    ... and here:

    http://www.miamiherald.com/2013/02/2...-gordillo.html (U.S. News)

    Soo, what do you think? =O

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    Man, she's ugly

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rocko9 View Post
    Man, she's ugly
    I think hideous describes her better

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