Trial and Error (US-Draenor) PVE-PST

Trial and Error is recruiting exceptionally skilled players to join our core raid team.

Raiding Schedule:
Monday - Thursday 7 pm - 10:00 pm server. (PST)

Currently recruiting Very Skilled DPS players
-Death Knight

Currently recruiting Healers

Also recruiting a Tank with a strong and proficient dps offspec.
-Death knight

However if you your class is not listed here, and you feel like you'd be an asset Feel free to contact an officer, or throw an application up!

About Us:
Trial and Error is a level 25, 25-man heroic raiding guild long known for excellence, consistently remaining the overall top guild on Draenor US.

Spanning three game expansions and over five years of success, Trial and Error prides itself in its ability to progress through any game content and strives to complete all hard mode content in a timely manner. As a result, the guild has enjoyed many server-first kills and achievements and continues to progress steadily. When Trial and Error raids its all business but the business is playing excellently and having fun.

Current Progression:

Mogu'shan Vaults
6/6 Normal
4/6 Heroic

Heart of Fear
6/6 Normal

Terrace of Endless Spring
4/4 Normal ( E ) Protectors included


Dragon soul
8/8 Normal
8/8 Heroic
7/7 Normal
7/7 Heroic
Bastion of Twilight / Blackwing Descent / Throne of the Four Winds:
12/12 normal
6/13 heroic

Above all else, your player skill is the most important. While exceptional character output is fundamental, knowing when to go full on and when to hold back, knowing the right tactics and how to best utilize your character for a given combat situation is key. In essence, as a raider in Trial and Error, players are expected to perform competitively, while being able to survive and overcome the mechanics of a given encounter.

Attendance:Players are expected to participate in at least 75% of all raids. If you cannot make a raid you are expected to post in the guild forum to let the team know you can’t make it. Those who cannot keep up with the pack are routinely removed from the guild.

Be autonomous. You are expected to know your class mechanics, tune your character to its optimum level, have food, flask, potions, first aid, etc ready at all times. You are expected to know your part in the given game encounter. While the guild will normally provide feasts and cauldrons, prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

Actions speak volumes; Typically successful recruits are those who take the time to build positive relationships with others in the guild through doing, not boasting. This takes time. This means striving to play with excellence, blending in with fellow guild members and focus on personal performance. This also means knowing your place in the guild, not using Vent or raid/guild/trade chat as an opportunity to be cocky or treat others poorly. Do not test this.

Loot is distributed via a fair and logical, leadership-led loot council. While seniority is observed and rewarded, Trial and Error gears up the raid team, not the individual nor the officer, as a means of progressing as fast as possible. Raiding is a team effort and we reward the team by empowering.

Application Process:
Interested candidates should submit an application to our website at or you can contact us in game if you prefer in game chat or vent



Guild master : Prist/Chue
Officers : Venie, Asra