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    Bottom Line Gaming Community of Thrall

    Bottom Line is an adult gaming community that prides itself on recruiting the person, not the character. As a guild we enjoy helping in leveling, running dungeons/heroics, gearing our players and running old world raids for fun! We have TS3 and urge our guildies to use it so we can maintain a close knit community.

    Our doors are open for any type of player from the casual weekend warrior
    to the progression pushing raider. Currently we are level 16 but we are leveling fast. We have not yet started raiding but we hope to start soon!
    Once we can start raiding our raid environment will follow:

    Server: Thrall Horde
    Raid Style: Fun but serious SemiCore raid environment
    Raid Days: Th/Sat/Mon
    Raid Times: 7:00pm-11:00pm Eastern

    Please find Sayrui, Tomothy or Paladoc in game to chat
    or visit bottomlineguild.net/wow
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    We are looking for casuals, lower level players as well as those who took a break from WOW and are now trying to get back into the swing of the game. Contact us for more info!!

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