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    Dismiss Pet 3 sec cast ?

    "Dismiss Pet now has a 3 sec cast time (up from 2 sec). This is to discourage swapping pets in the middle of PvP to get a different form of CC."

    I think this one was a bad call by Blizz. Cant they atleast make it instant and a 3 sec wait time before you can summon new pet or something its soooo.. annoyning when u gotta dismiss your pet before jumping down places.
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    kinda annoying for raid wipes....i usually dismiss pet + FD so i can mass res, us for faster next pull

    1 sec may not seem much, but with a boss chasing you...yeah >.<

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    Once again, this just proves that Blizzard is more pvp focused than pve...They don't sit and theorycraft the changes they make on both sides of the field, and they're just making the necessary changes to bolster their pvp fan base it seems like, all the QQ about hunters having so much CC from other classes, so bam! lets add a second on dismiss pet...which has a many a different uses outside of arenas as the poster mentioned above, I know i've done 9/9 Gold C-modes and dismissing your pet prior to the first boss in Scholo, 2nd boss in mogushan palace, anytime you use an invis pot, etc, that xtra second will prove to be quite dis tasting if it sticks, which I think it will sadly, ahh well, rant over lol.

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    That sounds like a good solution actually Cunos - instant dismiss, 3 second debuff that stops you summoning a pet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BalwickZaik View Post
    That sounds like a good solution actually Cunos - instant dismiss, 3 second debuff that stops you summoning a pet.
    That would just increase pet swapping since the hunter can still function while waiting for the new pet and it would make trying to kill pets harder.

    Maybe if they increased the delay.

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    well then add 6-8 secconds too it just i so dont have to channel it for those damn 3 sec ...

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    I hope that this is just a sign that they are working on the issue and not a definitive solution.

    Swapping pets shouldn't be an essential hunter strategy, it's clunky. We need a fix that makes swapping pets unnecessary, but without the inclusion of a nerf.

    At the moment you can dismiss your pet if it's focus fired, and instantly call it back at your position, it's useful even if you don't want to swap. It's almost like cheating.

    I don't like it cause it feels clunky, so I would like to see it removed and replaced with an equally powerful and less clunky mechanic.

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    Just make roar of sac baseline and from the hunter himself so we aren't forced to swap pets every minute

    Roar of sacrifice: You fondle your pet and she goes into heat protecting you from critical strikes/

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    It's the pets ccs that also need to be taken into consideration

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