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    any hunter pve youtuber out there ?

    Hey all.

    I wanted to know if some of you ppl is following any hunters on youtube where its pve content thats the main focus.
    after looking alot around i only find pvp moves from the ppl on youtube and the ones that are doing pve is stopped making videos like kripparian and lymiathehunter and more.

    So if there is anyone that know some guys making cool videos and talking about the hunter and so on, please let me know.

    Best regards

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    Well, Kripp was the only one I knew, though I watch his live streams daily mainly because I enjoy his style of streaming and the theorycrafting is fun .

    But he doesn't play WoW until 5.2 launches I guess.

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    Hey there, i dont have any youtube vids up but i do stream on twitch. I play a hunter (Vixii on Kilrogg) that is 16/16H 10 man. its twitch.tv/vixiiqt if youre interested.

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    Nice followed

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    Much the same as Vix I also have a stream. Right now I am busy with PTR/Progression oriented things, but if you're looking to learn I talk about Hunter things fairly often.


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