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    [A] Maelstrom - Khaz'goroth (6/13HM) LF DPS/Heals

    Maelstrom is a progression focused 10 man heroic raiding guild.
    We are currently looking for 1-2 DPS and 1 HEALER, to fill out our main roster for Throne of Thunder, and are always looking for skilled players of any class/spec.
    We are also looking for players of all classes/Spec's to fill out a 2nd raiding team.

    Currently we raid 3 nights a week:
    Wednesday: 8:00pm ST- 11:00pm ST
    Thursday: 8:00pm ST -11:00pm ST
    Monday: 8:00pm ST- 11:00pm ST

    Maelstrom also provides most raiding materials to its raiding (pots, flasks, enchants, etc) in an effort to relieve some of the hassles of pre raid setup, and provide more raid time for progression.

    We expect our raiders to be:
    1) On Time
    2) Knowledgeable of all fight mechanics ahead of time
    3) Able to listen to instruction and/or take constructive criticism
    4) Notify if unable to attend a raid night
    5) Stable internet connection
    6) Put progression above loot
    7) And Above all have fun

    If this raiding environment is something you think you'd like to be a part of then we strongly encourage you to sign up at our website.

    www maelstrom org au (need to put in dots)

    If you have any questions feel free to contact any of the officers in game via whisper or in game mail.
    Officers: Deadright, Telmut & Melivía

    Good Luck to all applicants and hope to see you soon in raid
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    bump for new teir

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