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  • Make glyphs non-permanent

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  • Make "Glyph clear" items from scribes only

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    Permanent glyphs good or bad?

    I know this was changed sometime in cata but I was recently thinking about it on my scribe.

    Do you like that you only have to buy glyphs once? Or was it better when you had to buy one each time you wanted to change? What I'm getting at is that you have to buy new enchants and gems for each upgrade, but only buying glyphs once, thus leaving us scribes with lower income. And whenever you need to change glyph you'll only have to spend 50s on a vendor sold item.

    What if gems and enchants were re-useable? That you could remove them from the weapon/armor when you were done with it, and put it on a new one.

    Or, if tome of clear mind/vanishing powder only could be made by scribes and giving them something more to sell.


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    Considering back in wrath some glyphs for my class that were absolutely mandatory for pve and completely worthless for pvp cost well over 1000g on my server, i am very glad that they made them permanent as switching between pve and pvp could very quickly drain your gold to nothing. This was typed in all caps because i did not realize caps lock was on but im pretty sure mmo-champ fixes that for you.
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    While an imperfect system, I think permanent glyphs work better at least then the changeable ones. Keeping glyphs in your bags just so you could change them out, and having to buy them at extortionate prices (when I didn't have a Scribe yet) was annoying. The way it is now it's a bit of a broken way of doing things cause the demand is low and it's hard to make a decent amount of gold with just selling glyphs, but it still sort of works. I made a toon on a new server and made her a Scribler and she's actually the toon making the most gold, even when I'm funneling all my greens and cloth to my Tailor/Enchanter and having her sell what's left over.

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    Back to temp ones, but at the same time i'd get rid of TSM.

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    I have thought about this a lot, and from my opinion the gold making possibility of Inscription against either JC or Enchanting are about the same. Look at it from a cost vs sale perspective. Glyphs cost almost nothing to craft. if it costs you more than 15g to make a glyph you are doing something wrong. Yet as there are so many glyphs you can possible sell them at upwards of 250g. even at 150g that it 10x the profit against the investment.

    Enchants on the other hand, Dancing steel requires 10sha crystals and 12dust. maybe looking at 2-3000g crafting cost if not more on some servers. now when sold you are only going to make max 500g profit on most servers.

    Ok, you only need to sell 1 enchant to make 500g, but you only need to sell 4-5 glyphs to make the same profit. there are hundreds of possible glyphs in the game, but only a select few enchants (that actually sell). Competition will be much higher on enchants because there is less of them.

    Overall i believe its quite balanced the way it is. you only need glyphs once, but because of that people sell them for a higher margin. Simple business strategy right there folks!

    Manthieus OUT

    Ps, google "manthieus" if you wish to find out more gold tips and strategies.

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    Voted "Good as it is". Pre-Mop I'd say some changes would be nice, mostly due to how ridiculous it was to learn all the glyphs at that time. But currently you have a (cheap) daily cooldown that teaches a new glyph and provides a reagent for other Inscription crafts. Glyphs are very cheap to make, have a very low AH deposit , have the most flexible crafting mats in the game (being able to buy older inks with current inks) and just about everything Inscription makes is useful for max level characters. I'd say Inscription is one of the luckier profession.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Liljander View Post
    thus leaving us scribes with lower income.
    Sorry.... I stopped reading right here.

    If you are not making gold as a scribe, you're doing it wrong.

    Glyphs, Darkmoon Cards, Shoulder Enchants....

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    While I hated the idea of glyphs becoming permanent when it was announced back in Cata, I've accepted that this current model is much more fluid for where the directions of glyphs have gone. Most glyphs have become semi useless and are mostly just cosmetic benefits at best, rarely will they give you a massive DPS/Healing boost like they did in Wrath and Cata. You're lucky if you have more than 1 glyph actually benefiting your play-style these days be that being able to cast healing spells in certain forms and what not but most of the glyphs have lost its huge benefit it used to provide.

    Along similar lines of discussion, glyphs were the only profession to bring along 6, 9 then back to 6 item slots for every single maxed level character. (Minor, Major, Prime glyphs). It gone through 2 overhauls where the profession has gone up and down and right now is on ride down the slide. Glyphs have lost that "mandatory" title these day in comparison to Wrath and Cata. Inscription is the only profession that has gone through 2 overhauls (One being the addition of the Prime slot and the second being the removal of that slot), and so forth becoming the only profession to lose 1/3 of its "usefulness". No other profession has suffered this much of a loss. JCers may have lost a gem (of the 3 they used to be able to use) but they lose no stat value. Glyphs were open for everyone to use (excluding level requirements) so it was beneficial for everyone to use glyphs.

    What I'd rather like to see is that glyphs become a little more "necessary" so there is a bigger demand for them. Gems/Enchants will always be in demand as people obtain new pieces of gear and what to maximise the use of that new item. Glyphs are in demand once at level 25 when you can learn them all and add them to your spellbook/library. Most people don't want them all, most will never use them all.

    The OPs discussion about how its a lower income isn't really resolved in my reply due to the fact that Inscription is my major form of income in WoW. I have no struggles but my advice is to learn what the letters TSM mean. Once you do and follow through on its benefits of it, your gold struggles are mostly over.

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