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    Seriously... WTF is up with Curse Weekly Round-up?

    UPDATE: The Feb 22 VIDEO HAS BEEN REMOVED / MADE PRIVATE... I guess someone from Curse finally saw the damage these guys were doing to their company's good name.

    DISCLAIMER: I was a bit surprised when one of the mods contacted me and told me my language was "extreme" and in bad taste, that I was "celebrating death" as I was condoning killing these people (I WAS NOT) and and therefore I wish to clarify some things and put in this disclaimer for those that misunderstood. Obviously someone reported me as they took offence. I was merely making deliberate over-the-top jokes/comparisons about HOW BAD these guys were. I made some screenshots in case the post is deleted.

    This enraged ranting in this post was to be taken in jest and hence why I said: "ENRAGE TIMER STARTED". The obscene nature of of my comparisons were jokes - not to be taken seriously. I do not condone violence or that "actual" killing of these individuals. I am Jewish - albeit a half-baked one - I don't practice. As for the holocaust bit, I am not making fun of the people who died there - I was making an extreme (and deliberately irrational) comparison of plundering to these guys receiving a salary from a well respected company and getting away with it!

    My grandmother was German Jew. My grandfather met her (she was a nurse - he was a soldier) while fighting Rommel in North Africa. The humour regarding the holocaust was not to be taken seriously as was the whole over-the top part of the post. It was meant to be over-the-top as an extreme criticism to just how violently ill the video made me. I would still like them fired, however. I still feel insulted by Curse for their behaviour. Frankly, sincerely, I feel we are owed an apology for these guys insulting us. Yes, it was that bad.

    To clarify: "plundering" refers to the taking of items - gold, etc, not the KILLING of the people.


    I like, no... I love mmo champion and have been browsing here for as long as I can remember and using Curse for my addons.


    >enrage timer started<

    This Curse Weekly Round-up business ... WTF?

    I am an amateur / hobbyist blogger. I lack editing skills. I even pronounce my S' far too piercingly and I screw up every attempt at a video in some way, but at least I speak honestly to my minuscule audience - even my worst attempt at a lame video is nothing compared to these guys (and I've really, really tried).

    To be honest, I haven't really watched since Pico left, but...

    this last show, I have never, ever in my entire life seen such lame humour, such a patronizing display towards the intellectual capacity of their viewers. Are they trying to commit social networking suicide and see just how quick they can get their subscribers to zero?

    I bet a severely brain-damaged lemming, post jump, landing head-first onto a rock at the bottom of a great friggin' waterfall would be more interesting to watch than these buffoons - and probably a helluva lot more articulate too.

    You don't have to get a boob-tuber, but please just fire that bunch on there already - and FIRE the goddam person who's bright idea it was to hire them too. Personally, I do advise a cute "girl next door" type of presenter or complete dizzy air-head (as the other extreme) reading a teleprompter however. Or get that guy, Casey from G4TV - at least he was witty.

    On what planet, and to what demographic are they trying to appeal? There are not too many dribbling idiots reading these forums and watching you-tube last I checked. Does anyone in management actually check and approve what these guys record???

    I hope to "god" that you don't actually pay those guys on Curse Weekly round-up a salary. That would be a sin only comparable to all the plundering in the holocaust. Your punishment should be to watch this last show in an endless loop for all of eternity.

    RANT OVER. Yes, this is my feedback.

    Sadly, me linking this will give them more views...
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    I agree with every bit of rage you have put out here. I don't watch them either because of the reasons you have posted.

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    I don't think I have ever bothered watch one of these "Gaming News" videos, ever. I just don't see the point in them.

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    100% agree. What in the world inspired them to change the weekly round up to this horrible attempt at some form of comical newscast?

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    Stopped less than 2 mins in.. that was just horrid... atleast that girl who did it last year was kinda hot...

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    Watched about 5 seconds... And by Jove, I agree with every single point!

    Amazing sig, done by mighty Lokann

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    Get Casey Schreiner instead to be honest. Dat mmo-report.

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    The 'enhanced rumble' bit made me cringe in a way that I am not used to and did not find pleasant.

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    Never liked CWR. Never has interesting news on it either. Anyone who wants to know anything that would be on it is usually out a day or two before on websites related to the product by the time the video is made.

    MMO report was actually awesome though, especially when I heard him use my 'screen name' Scamander from an email I sent him. And Casey was a really smooth and funny guy without looking like he is trying too hard

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    ive always found the curse weekly round up to be bad. even when the girl was on it, she was so bad at presenting it made it hard to watch. i turned this episode off when he started talking about the ps4 controller vibration.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Herecius View Post
    The 'enhanced rumble' bit made me cringe in a way that I am not used to and did not find pleasant.

    thats the exact bit i stopped watching, couldn't deal with it anymore.
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    You guys need to switch to decaf. The videos are OK, they are corny, they are meant t be corny. It's hard to pull off Casey's humor and win. I imagine it's a quickly thrown together video for the different staff members to practice their skillls in video editing, audio tracks and being a commentor\host. Nothing exciting, but nothing to get enraged over either.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Caylis View Post
    Stopped less than 2 mins in.. that was just horrid... atleast that girl who did it last year was kinda hot...
    Well you got way more than me
    Quote Originally Posted by Venziir View Post
    Watched about 5 seconds... And by Jove, I agree with every single point!
    heh about the same here.

    OT: If this is what they are gonna stick with, I guess I'll not be watching as well. Shame too, Pico was at least hot and made watching bearable.
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    p.s. i want to see Sylvanas take a pounding.
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    This could NEVER be taken the wrong way. ._.

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    I just watched it and... what the fuck. It sounds like they aim for the 10 year olds... and worst part is, that this is one of the "mainstream" news shows for gamers... so people will look at this, and only get their "gamers are just kids who can't grow up" bias confirmed. If anyone want proper news they should read them themselves or watch Content Patch from Totalbiscuit or something.

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    The information was fine but he was annoying. I actually didnt watch this before because I also thought Pico was boring as all hell with zero personality.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zogarth View Post
    Content Patch from Totalbiscuit or something.
    I didn't know about Content Patch - will check it out, but I like Totalbiscuit most of the time and also sub to the AngryJoeShoe - Joe is over-the-top without being patronizing to his audience. Sometimes annoying, but not to the point of tuning off. I do really like his very candid VLOGS lately. I also think Far Cry 3 should've got a top spot over GW2, but I still enjoy both

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    I always hated CWR, but the old ones are perfection against this...

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    Was just boring.
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    It was bothering me aswel... this is terribad.

    Sometimes when something is this bad it actually gets fun, but this feels like an insult.
    Glad im not the only one who thinks this.

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    Why would a "reporter" even put himself on screen and look this stupid?

    I'll stick with gamespot. They're handling it in a more appealing way to me.
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    Pico wasn't super good, but at least she tried to be "pro".

    Now it's just BAD.
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