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  • I really enjoy the show and their humour

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    He's trying to hard to imitate (early) Jim Carrey.
    I watched it untill a part into PS4 and yeah, it's annoying.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Caylis View Post
    Stopped less than 2 mins in.. that was just horrid... atleast that girl who did it last year was kinda hot...
    She was the only reason curse videos got viewed, any person who watched it for actual gaming news deserved to be burned alive and then get shot in the face just for the heck of it.

    I never bothered to watch any videos myself next to the E3 video.

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    I think chaud should host it instead. That would be hilarious and scary at the same time.
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    I'm a very long time reader on this forum, and I've never clicked on one of their video's before. I wasn't aware that its hated so much, judging by the polls.

    I wanna watch the Super Sexy Hot Cool Action News (South Park) instead

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    I couldn't get past 10 seconds of it. I honestly wish someone would pick up the MMO Report it was awesome and Casey was great. The guy was just funny as hell.

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    Why is that guy in snowy weather? Just for the heck of it? Shit this was bad.

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    i never watched the curse one much, but i completely stopped watching it after pico left, she wasnt the best but she was cute.

    the only gamer show i watched regularly was the mmo-report with casey schreiner, he was actually funny

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    i thought those 2 were gay lovers, but either way they are super annoying and i hate them. i miss pico and even casey was funny as hell but either way this 2 new guys are super bad i i prob wont watch any more of them.

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    I've never watched that *show* but now i did watch the latest episode (feb.22) and maaaaaan that was annoying as shit.

    Not even funny :P no wonder it has so many dislikes.

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    Doing gaming *news* in a funny style is fine but .... CWR has taken it down to a level where they just insult people

    I did enjoy Casey and at times Pico ... can hope that Yahtzee some day moves to MMO news .... just for the giggles at least.

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    Watched the video it felt cheesy and forced comedy yep it went down hill since i last heard or seen something from that group.

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    I like the round-ups a lot more now than where they were a few months ago. Yeah, they get cringe-worthy at times. It's usually a hit or miss depending on the week, but I'd still rather watch these than the old ones. Then again, I prefer the current eye candy much more.

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    Rarely ever watch the Round Up, but attempted it today because of this thread. I managed to make it a full minute, but damn, that was just plain bad.

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    The 2 minute ps4 add was the best part of that.
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    At least that girl is gone who couldn't present at all and was just there because she had 2 things, and none of those things were called talent.

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    Lol they set the video to private

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    That is a lot like a bad junior high school project. Just horrible, who the hell did this crackerjack team beat out for the job?
    "Privilege is invisible to those who have it."

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    I've never watched this stuff, but from the looks of the comments I ask "Am I that blessed"?

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    It won't let me watch the video. It says it's private.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sTyLnK View Post
    It won't let me watch the video. It says it's private.
    I laughed.

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