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    Wonder if it is possible to use software to move all three at the same time instead of using /follow..

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    Yes, you can broadcast movement to all toons at once. I often do in PvE when I want my slaves to strafe out of the fire. However, you cannot move your toons in synch that way because small discrepancies in the direction they're facing or small lag between clients results in large deviations very quickly.

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    Isn't there also a command or option in WoW called "click to move"? An occasional use of this should relocate all characters to the same spot (coordinates), though I don't know if this is supported by any addons or programs (activating/deactivating on the fly).
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    CTM is already heavily used by boxers, but not in the way you're suggesting. To do what you're suggesting would require the view angle, distance, and position to be exactly the same for all toons. As soon as one is out of synch a little bit, it will continue to grow and grow. Follow is required for PvP.

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