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    That's a pretty bad way of looking at it.
    An analogy.
    A company makes clothes you decide to make hangers and give'm away for free (and this is all you do).
    Now the company comes up with another way of hanging clothes up by attaching labels in them and giving out hooks.

    Nothing wrong with that imo.

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    I think they should make a LFG tool like the one we had in WoW up until... Wrath? Yes, I think Wrath.

    You know, the one where you could queue yourself or a group and write what you want, and then either search for people and whisper them or wait for them to whisper you.

    No teleport, no automatic grouping and so on. Just a tool for people to see who is looking for a group or for more people in-game.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fencers View Post
    Heh, true enough. It is hard to get less than zero communication. Though just as the 3 vs. 2 clicks example above, I don't find the extent of conversation such as;

    Shouter: "LF2M Fractals."
    Me: "I'll go. 80 GS/Rifle Zerk Warrior."

    That occupies Guild Wars 2 for the most part to be so remarkable one would hang their hat on that deep social experience.

    Well, the other thing is... there is nothing to communicate really.

    With few exceptions there is literally nothing to explain or talk about in a given dungeon or FOTM. The majority of players joining these groups know the paths and FOTMs already from my experience. If they don't know, very few reveal they are new and tag along with the group all the same.

    Bosses are not strategic in GW2 as it is an action game. There are only 2 or 3 bosses in the whole game that have a "strat" so to speak. So even the once in a thousand run query, "Hi. New guy here. Not sure how to do this boss." of traditional MMOs is so rare as to be non-existent.

    In fact, I have never seen a single person ask the group how to do a boss or path in GW2. You just sorta, go, due to the fast paced action nature of the game.

    Guild Wars 2 is perhaps the most anonymous MMO out there. Or as my sister once remarked of the game, "It feels like we are soloing next to random strangers."
    Then we haven't played the same GW2. The last few days I did more dungeons to get my monthly done. Since my guildies were busy, I went with pug groups I found at instance entrances. I did 7 dungeons. 2 failed because... well in one 1 person had a dc and another left after and we couldn't get more, in another the spider guy in TA story kind of killed everyone but me several times.

    That said, in all the groups I've been there was talk. People stated when they didn't know X boss and someone else wrote 2 lines on the strategy. Even when we failed on spider guy, we tried lots of different tactics, we all talked trying to work our way to be better but still. In dungeons we did well in there was still talk. Yes, it was less then I had with the people trying spider dude in TA, but there was.
    And I've done dungeons before in GW2, just talking about this month's dungeons. In other months the same, people talked. Oh, there wasn't some life stories being written there, yes, I admit that, but it wasn't either a "hello... well thanks for the dungeon, bb" like we get in "other" games.

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