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    Sub viable in 5.2?

    Im just starting my rogue in pvp. hit 90 a day ago. Anyway, they say rogues suck atm. Is that about to get better? I didn't see any immediate buffs to damage output for sub, or is that 4% good? If sub isn't viable is combat? Im looking to do rated battlegrounds once I get skilled and geared.

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    Rogues gets buffed.

    still has become boring to play though.

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    Bitch please...

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    OP: see this post: http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/...-Rogue-PvP-5-2 for a detailed explanation of changes. If you've got questions from the conversation there, or after anything else you can find doing a basic search for "5.2 rogue pvp" please feel free to ask.

    The 4% boost was primarily for PvE to bring it into line with assassination and sub. For comprehensive PvP-related changes, see the numerous threads on 5.2 and pvp that have been generated over time. Additionally on the front page, there's a short story about KS being threatening as a geared rogue 1v1 right now, which suggests combat may have a place in RBGs for burst, but you'll have to see what else is there.

    http://www.mmo-champion.com/threads/...Shuriken-build may also be worth your time to read.

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