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    Need help with H Emporer 10 Man please

    i have read every post. watched countless videos. i am currently stumped. we are struggling to get out of first part of fight we fall behind around the spawn of the 1st set (second pack) of rages and cant recover.

    Guardian druid
    Prot Pally

    Disc priest
    Holy Pally

    2x Mages
    Ele shaman

    With no healing or tank OS. with this comp we have been having the rogue soak all the rage sparks. the warior tank the strengths(hunter soak the sparks). 2 mages and shaman burn the courage (mage soak spark) ... we have been cc'ing the left rage burning right . we tried to cc 2nd set and aoe 2nd and 3rd together but couldnt kill them evenly enough to make soaking 4 sparks viable. Any thoughts on making our strat more efficient as dps is not keeping up at the moment.

    last nights logs(spaced until i post more times):
    http: //worldoflogs.com /reports/kauk61trh55ehdph/

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    With your setup, your rogue should be able to soak every single spark during the encounter. If however he cannot take one during the fight (low health ect..) he can simply call out on vent/ts or whatever you're using for another dps to soak it (Detter' ice block, blink ect..). Having other soakers can be somewhat of a overall dps loss on the raid and could possibly be the reason why you're falling behind so much.

    As a rogue myself, during this encounter my dps is less of a priority rather than survival. Get him to spec into ellusiveness if he hasn't already, give him a stam flask and get the Druid to pass symbiosis onto him. He should be the one managing himself and when to soak, call out for healing and or a backup soaker if needed.
    Start off the encounter by burning the first set of rages, and moving on to take the strength down before the second set of rages come in. Courage needs to be slowed and dps'd down swiftly when it's up. Get to the third break, cc the adds, lust it and nuke the boss! You should then be home free with the Delver title!
    Hope this helps

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    If this helps, I can go over how my group did it. The adds spawn in a very set, rigid order, which can help you plan ahead.

    The fight plays out like so:

    2 Rages
    1 Strength
    2 Rages*
    1 Courage
    2 Rages + 1 Strength
    -Bosses appear-

    It repeats the same way for the rest of the fight, with the boss spawn replaced by a break. The hardest part of the fight is the first set of 2 Rages + 1 Strength, as you do not get a break. We used Bloodlust, pots etc when this wave spawned to help keep up.

    After the initial wave, we would crowd control 1 Rage on the second set, (the set which I marked with a *) and then kill it off with the 2 Rage + 1 Strength wave. We also had a rogue soaking rage sparks, and in my opinion this is the best way to do it. He was specced into Elusiveness and also had our Disc priest shield him whenever possible. Try to kill the Rages one at a time so your rogue has time to get healed up. (You can have someone mark a Rage with a skull, or always agree to kill, say, the right Rage that appears)

    As I said, the hardest part of the fight is the start, so don't get discouraged if it feels like you're not getting anywhere. We went from not getting the bosses below 78% or so, to 18%/9% wipes etc before killing them. If you can survive until the first break you have the fight down. Good luck!

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    We had our rogue (me) soaking everything but the courages wich our hunter would get, everyone else was for emergencies and theyd just call on vent and step in. We killed rages 1 by one so I could get the spark and be healled in time to get the enxt one, when I had cloak off CD id say it and wed kill both rages together. I also used preparation to have extra cloaks.

    On brakes everyone would focus 1 boss (this is to focus debufs on one of them so everyone gets the extra DPS) and me and our DPS dk (who was tanking strenghts) would finish whatever rage and strength left and I would soak everythign lol.

    Gota say was a fun fight for me I felt like the most usefull member of the team ever

    Fight is very healling intensive and focus alot on execution so dont try to strong arm it, progress with patience and youll get there and when you do youll wonder how in the world you ever died to it, its that kind of fight.
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    So you(rogue) and DK dps never dps the bosses during the breaks?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sbtroll View Post
    So you(rogue) and DK dps never dps the bosses during the breaks?
    Mostly no because on the breaks on the middle of fight when me and the dk were finished with the adds it was almost time for the break to end, going all the way to boss dodging a already rolling combo just to deal a bit of damage and them comming back as soon as the adds spawned was more hassle tham it was worth it, on the end onf the figth when we decided we were goign for the kill (right after third break) our strat was ignore adds CC everything if CCs break kite stuf, we went for the boss on that point and stayed there, you can easily take around 30% HP of the boss after the third break safetly by ignoring (CCing) adds and totaly focusing on boss. The dk had to go back to hold the strenght when it spawned cause the last thing you want is that thing smacking your healers while youre focusing the boss but I stayed dodging combos, if the melee is good at it its a nice chunk of extra damage the extra oportunistic strike and I wasnt needed on adds anymore cause they werent dying so no need ot soak sparks.

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    If it helps, I'll explain how my guild did it (first kill last week but a similar raid comp to yours).

    For each "set" its 6 rages, 2 strengths, and 1 courage. For each pair of rages throughout the entire fight, we would CC one asap (always the left one, or top one if same position) and burn the right one asap, then pop left one asap and kill. We would never kill only half of a set. CCing one means that its less raid damage, less moving, and the spark would hopefully spawn further from the raid. Also, using stuns on them is great so they do less damage and move less. Try to coordinate between your rogue, warrior, and mages on stuns.

    The first set of rages, we just CC one, burn one, burn the CC. By that time, your warr should already have the strength on the side, your ranged dps should be able to switch to the strength and put some dps in to that quickly. Your rogue can help as well finish it off and soak the spark. Now comes the tricky part. For each set of adds, the middle pair of rages was the key. We needed to kill BOTH of them before (or right as) the courage spawns. Again, CC one, burn the other, then burn the CC'd one. We would save our dps cd's for this point in the fight each time. Your warr should have his strength dead as this 2nd pair of rages is spawning, so he can go help on them as well while the rogue is soaking the spark from the strength.

    You should have one of your ranged dps assigned to slowing the courage asap. The second he lands, he does not yet have his shield up and can be slowed from the front. Either way, one of your ranged dps should start heading to get behind him and keep him slowed. Right about now, that 2nd pair of rages should be dead. Your rogue soaks those 2 sparks. Most of your ranged dps goes to work on the courage, while the rogue/warrior stay behind to grab the 2nd strength. Your hunter can soak the spark from every courage. While the courage is being killed, the 3rd set of rages will spawn. These should BOTH be CC'd. You should have one of your ranged dps stay behind to CC both. We had a warlock double CC, but since you dont have one, you could possibly use a hunter (trap and wyvern) but then would need a different soaker on courage sparks (could use mages). Additionally, a frost mage could double CC with deep freeze and sheep, or you could use one ranged CC and have the rogue blind one.

    The idea is to keep both of the 3rd pair of rages CCd while your ranged dps finishes that courage off. When it dies, they come back and pop one of the rages that are CC'd, kill it, pop the other CCd rage, kill it. Rogue soaks both of these. Finally, your raid finishes off the 2nd strength that your warrior is still tanking. Rogue soaks that spark.

    That is one "Set" of adds. On the very first set, that cycle finishes as the bosses spawn. You then go right into another set and can do the same method. After your 2nd set of adds, you get a 35 second or so break. Make sure your raid is back in position with 5 seconds or so to spare and then start the cycle again. The key concepts for us were:
    -always kill a full pair of rages, but only one at a time. Don't keep one CC'd and then have another pair spawn as things can get out of control
    -use dps cooldowns on every 2nd pair of rages as you need to kill as the courage is spawning. Still CC one/kill one/kill CC though to make it smoother
    -while killing courage, CC both rages in the 3rd pair until courage is dead. You then have time to kill them after courage dies.

    Once you can kill one cycle of adds (3 pairs of rages, 2 strengths, 1 courage) before the next cycle starts, you basically have it. Thats the fight. It just takes repetition. Also, be aware that you get 3 breaks in the fight only. Even though it will seem that the enrage timer has time for a 4th break, that 4th break never comes. Adds keep spawning after the 3rd break. So that 3rd break is where you need to kill him. If you haven't killed him by the time adds start spawning again, CC them permanently. For us, that meant we had to CC 2 full sets of rages, we had our ret pally tanking 2 strengths, and we had the courage just slowed.

    Hope this helped

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    Ty all for the responses going to have rogue soak the strength sparks also hopefully this allow the dps to get stuffed killed. last question do you all tank the bosses back by the stairs i contemplated keeping them where they hop down so the courage has to go to front of room right over the ranged in the middle

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    Quote Originally Posted by sbtroll View Post
    Ty all for the responses going to have rogue soak the strength sparks also hopefully this allow the dps to get stuffed killed. last question do you all tank the bosses back by the stairs i contemplated keeping them where they hop down so the courage has to go to front of room right over the ranged in the middle
    Keeping them were they hop down is a bad idea cause youd have to keep moving rages and strengths away from them to avoid killing sparks too close and grant the bosses the attack speed buf, its realy quite easy to move the bosses to the back and you only need to do it once during the fight, it doesnt afect your DPS in anyway and as long as the tanks dont drag them all th way to the stair your healers should have range.

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