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    Patch 5.2 PTR - Build 16634

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    whelp, bb sac affi and helo supreme destro

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    Im glad they are moving away from 5+ minute CDs. They are so boring when you can only use them once per fight (on some.)

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    reverting previous dmg buffs...pff atleast nerfing fucking frost mage, thats good

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    Getting pretty fucking sick of seeing shaman changes come in so few and extremely far between.

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    So they are hell bent on making Rogues overpowered in 4.3. (Err 5.2, not that you can tell!) I haven't talked to a single person who has played 5.2 PTR and doesnt think rogues going live like that is reasonable. Even the rogues I talk to hate it because it turns their class into an autowin joke. Between the ability to teleport cheapshot the entire other team, or the ability to do 25k dps on cloth from range, it's just a joke.

    Ghostcrawler needs to be taken off PvP balancing if he thinks this is good for the game.

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    Wtf. Lets's buff DKs! Oh wait, wrong class. Let's nerf DKs! :O

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    Its interesting that almost all the buffs where they said not to freak out about classes getting +/-20% damage buffs are getting reverted

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    Screw ramping frost mage damage. Don't nerf me back bro.

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    Yeah because mage in pvp cast frostbolt. lol.

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    Yeah, Icy Talon went from 20% to 30% to 25% to 15% o_O

    So in the end instead of a 10% buff, we got a 5% nerf, great.

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    Mages still need fix on damage.

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    No pally nerfs, nice. still got 2 weeks.

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    What happened to buffing Monks to increase the presence in arena, it's getting to be ridiculously annoying.
    They have not only nerfed monks from before, they made them worse than they currently are in live. Wow, good way to increase presence in arena!
    Yay! Monks, are not-represented enough since there are too few compared to other classes. amazing

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kuja View Post
    Wtf. Lets's buff DKs! Oh wait, wrong class. Let's nerf DKs! :O
    Yeah...glad my warrior is 85. I'll be switching to him for the remainder of this expansion probably. Even though most classes had nerfs, it just seems to me blizz wants people to play unholy more. I was unholy through wrath, but a lot has changed since then...

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    My DK is most unhappy, my lock as well, hopefully the previous buffs for warlocks at least will make it live.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tanktank View Post
    No pally nerfs, nice. still got 2 weeks.
    Right no nerfs, YAY!! But what about ret wings CD being 2 mins baseline? Has anyone heard anything else about this? It was a blue post about 5 days ago.

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    Yes, lets nerf Monk silence in an expansion where PvP is all about CC...

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    all i read was nerf nerf nerf.......nerf nerf

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    Yes, nerf monk, like we were doing incredibly over-powered in pvp, nerf more.. Sigh..

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