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    I just do what I have always done. Sell all kinds of stuff on the AH.

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    I didn't find anything worthwhile to invest big money into it. The only thing I did once was buying red epic gems in cata for like 150k gold and I bought 3 spectral tigers. The gems got taken away from me by a GM (see my old thread) and I still have one of the spectral tigers. Price back then was 500k gold, atm they are still at around 500k.

    Usual AH business is good enough, investing big chunks of gold didn't get me anything.

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    The "currency" for TCG loot has moved from Sands of Time to the new JC mounts (in all flavors) because they can be transported easily in server swaps. There are a couple threads in the main forums for players to advertise and coordinate deals. Obviously, there is a real money involved for server trades, but when you're moving packs for of 45k+ mounts, the stakes are high and it makes sense done properly.

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    I try to stay at around 100k, I know its not much, but I don't spend a lot, and I also don't farm. I slowly make money with doing the fun stuff I do, like raids, instances, pvp. I play the game to have fun, not to gather huge amounts of money. Ok, I can't buy mounts or vanity items for 500k but it's not worth it anyway. I'd rather have the items that require at least a bit of skill.
    Like Raid Achievement Mounts or Titles.

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    I have 50K gold and have since the beginning of MOP, I have been as high as 65k. But I really cant be bothered to level alts so I really have nothing to spend gold on. Dont see a reason to ever need 500k.

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    Id jus keep doing what u did to get to the 500k, tcg can be huge but u might also end up sitting on it for a LONG time, end of cata i had 6 tcg mounts(trying to protect myself from inflation) and i just sold 4 the other day, a few for loss of profit i just wanted to get rid of thm already( i also have a bunch of rare recipes/transmog that arent selling either). The only reason im still sticking with tcg is cause i have no clue how to make gold in mop now lol, after dominating the ah in cata, im just completly lost now

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    Craziest thing I've done is server transferred a character to buy an item for a 25K buyout that was selling on other servers for 100-250K.

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    If i had alot of gold id buy a spectral tiger, dont care if they are duped. I want one :>

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    Quote Originally Posted by Destard View Post
    probably the "incredibly small" refers to single characters, most of people with more than 500k have ultiple characters for auctions and the wealth is spread
    Yup, let's not listen to the people who run the game and keep track of this stuff, lets listen to this guy and his imaginary numbers pulled directly from between his ass cheeks.

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    I keep myself between 50-100k. Whenever a new toon hits 90 I get the epics/trinkets to get into LFR and that's all I need gold for really. Once every 2-3 weeks I'll buy an assload of ore to shuffle and work back up. I'm sure if I did it every day/a couple times a week at least I could get well over the 200k mark easily. I've earned a million gold from auctions on my JC, then there's my alchemist(x5), LW, BS, scribe, so on. I just don't see the need or desire. I get by, easily, and have what I want.

    Though, the question was "if" in which case I would buy BMAH mounts or spectral tiger. Sucks too because a guy in my guild owned a card shop irl and sold tigers that came through in packs to us for 10k. 10k! I was next in line before he transferred.
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    I usually try to maintain between 300k-400k as my minimum amount of gold I have on hand at any given time. Just like other people have been mentioning, the only market that you can really "play" at such high gold numbers is that of TCG. Although, I do dabble quite a bit in Transmogrification items / unobtainable items. For example, last week I managed to buy a Teebu's Blazing Longsword for 35k, and just earlier today I sold it for 85k. I usually sit on xmog items longer than I do TCG items, but it ends up being worth it (99% of the time).

    As far as TCG goes, it's really not a tough market to play, as people seem to think / say it is. Buy low and sell high, just as you would with anything else and you're guaranteed to win. You don't really need a lot of gold to enter the market either. When I first started I had...I think, 70k? I simply bought one of the cheaper mounts (Swift Shorestrider) for 65k and resold it for 95k. I then moved on to a higher priced mount, and have just gradually increased my gold ever since.

    It all comes down to your ability to find out who will sell lowest to you, and what the best deal you can get is. I actually managed to buy a SWIFT Spectral Tiger for ~400k something like three weeks ago now. This is something that, at least on my server, can be flipped (although not necessarily quickly) for ~600k. As far as spending my profits goes, I have all of the xmog I want, so I usually spend it on PvP carries (not raids, usually, as I have a guild to raid with) because I just can't stand PvP.

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    Hi, my name is Deepstrider, and I have less than 3k gold.
    I am the bottom 1%!
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    Well currently I'm debating whether or not to buy the Sun Lute, a 483 ilvl Epic Weapon for LV85 which transforms you into an Undead Guitarrist. One Problem is the Gold Loss which is hefty and another Issue is morale. Stopping XP Gain on LV85 and Roflstomping Everybody in BGs surely is fun but this fun comes at the expense of other players' misery.

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