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    Perhaps the answer is that there is no answer since there is no riddle.

    Or perhaps he just wants more cole slaw.
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    Quote Originally Posted by clampy View Post
    Maybe his friend was the one that gave him the riddle and hes trying to use MMO-C to solve it for him!
    Dun dun dunnnnnnnnnn! The thick plottens.

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    havent a clue !

    what stays in the corner yet travels round the world ?
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    Quote Originally Posted by akamurdoch View Post
    havent a clue !

    what stays in the corner yet travels round the world ?
    a stamp.

    but that's not related to this riddle.
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    42, the answer is always 42.

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    Alrighty this is my best attempt.
    The answer is simply Tomato: (2)(Moore and Morse start with M)(2x2x2 is 8)(Moores and Morse differ by an O)
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    I would be interested in knowing the answer

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    I can not solve this riddle. You have won this time... Pherhaps I should try harder next time.

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    Alright let's give this guy another day to give us the answer. Before we get a moderator to come in here and infract him for...uhh....

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    No answer yet?

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    murder the op!

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