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    Quote Originally Posted by Korgoth View Post
    Im trying to get my portrait of GC done, but it still doesnt say Cock Sucking Shitheel well enough. Maybe some more douche orange will do it.
    I'm still a bit frustrated that he had to nerf Shockwave for Prot when it was only a problem with Arms.
    Quote Originally Posted by Ryan Cailan Ebonheart View Post
    I also do landscaping on weekends with some mexican kid that I "hired". He's real good because he's 100% obedient to me and does everything I say while never complaining. He knows that I am the man in the relationship and is completely submissive towards me as he should be.
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    Crissi the goddess of MMO, if i may. ./bow

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    Im loving this thread so far. The most laughable thing tho is how people are actually making overpowered classes look bad with some of these pictures.
    It makes it even more fun. Keep it up

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    arena junkies called. They want their thread back.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Revolutions View Post
    arena junkies called. They want their thread back.
    "Hey.. someone has already started a thread about <subject> on another forum. Sorry guys, guess we cant have that type of thread here!".

    I wonder how mmoc would look like if its users were prohibited to start threads that other forums already started millions of years ago.

    Would be a pretty boring forum i think.


    This is sort of a rant about shuriken toss aswell as making fun of the warrior we did this to.

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    "Oh man I got priest to 90k mana!" *dispels Faerie Fire and goes invis with sprint shield* "Oh man he's going to drink, better stop him!" *YOU CAN'T DO THAT WHILE STUNNED* ((((((

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    Not arena, but RBG. Happens pretty much every time I have to join the midfield zerg on my rogue

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