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    Enhancement Help: Main-Hand Weapon

    Hello, I have a quick question about windfury. I know you generally want a slow weapon (2.60 speed) in your off-hand so your flametounge does more damage, but does the same thing apply for windfury? I just picked up a 2.40 speed fist-weapon for my mainhand, and my windfury is doing less damage than it did with my 2.60 mainhand, even though it has higher damage. My stormstrike, however, is doing more damage than what it did with the 2.60 weapon and my overall DPS seems a bit higher. For now and for future reference, should I prioritize a slower weapon over a faster weapon for my mainhand? Sorry if I worded this a bit wierd.

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    What Venziir said, slow as possible is the key. 2.6 seems to be the slowest you can get at higher level, though I recall some 2.8's and 2.9's back at pre-60
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