OK! Werd up guys? First post here and I've been playing Hpal for about a month at 90 doing LFRs and Random BGS and 2s. Heres my Armory... Nevermind, wont let me post. My hpal's name is Eckstacy, Faction: Horde, Server: Cho'gall

A couple of questions (I will probably add to this as I have a lot and don't remember them all)

The questions will each require 2 answers as I am inquiring about Arenas (Mostly 2s) and Random and Rated BGS.

~Eternal Flame or SS? I can see EF in (r)bgs being superior only because you can proc it multiple times and "roll" HoTs on multiple targets. Thoughts?

~PVP Pwr/Res>Int/Spi/Haste/Mastery? How does this work? I stack Spi for Pve but PvP is more about burst and survivability so I'm stacking power and res (where I can) instead of spi. Is this correct? I know resilience is an "as needed" stat. If you're not getting focused (or damaged for that matter) then resilience is useless.

~Haste or Mastery? I'm stacking mastery right now just because its effectively adding +30% (self buffed) to my heals in the form a proactive bubble. But I was thinking about haste. Seems much more bursty to me. Being able to cut down on a cast of FoL by even .2 seconds would be the difference between capping (EX: Farm) or losing it.

Thanks in advanced guys. I try to do my own research, of course, but a lot of the top 2s pallies are stacking different stats. So maybe theyre all good and its just playstyle.