Thanks, So much to read!

I was going to quote people but I don't have time to.

I don't enjoy 25man raiding. Seems wrong on a lore perspective to be zerging some badguy with so many people.

I guess my problem is once I see the raiding content, I feel like I don't want to keep playing it just to get better gear. I used to raid to see the content, the gear upgrades were needed to be able to beat bosses. To see further content. Now the gear doesn't matter, the story is on a plate. I think in next patch I will avoid LFR and try to get that feeling back.

I would love the ability to toggle hardmode questing! and/or appropriate level zone scaling. Retain all 90 abilities but be scaled to level 32,54,67,etc whatever the zone you're in is supposed to be. That would draw me back to questing as I find being the almighty powerful level 90 makes everything even the beautiful Mists zones easy.

Anyway thanks for all the comments, welcomes and such.