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    LF Realm (EU)

    Hey Folks,

    I was just looking for a bit of advice in choosing a new realm for my Horde Character. Currently I play Alliance Shadowsong and have 1 Horde Character on there and 2 on Zenedar. But I feel that the Population of Zenedar for Horde is a little too small for my liking and Horde Shadowsong feels like it may hinder me, especially with the idea of grabbing a Weekly Sha run on three characters. I don't mind my Horde and Alliance Characters being on a separate Realm, just my Horde all on one Realm.

    I'm looking for a Realm that is Medium/High Population, biased towards Horde, with enough people to make a community but it actually be possible to kill Rare Mobs from 5.0/5.1. I have had a brief look at two realms, Al'Akir and Tarren Mill, both which appeal to me, but feel free to make some suggestions based on some information below. Also let me know if you need any Clarification.

    What I'm looking for:
    Realm (Horde Bias, Medium/High Population, Can be PVP or PVE, Primarily English Speaking)
    Reasonable Amount of Sha Runs and Trade Activity (Not Dead/Dying)
    Reasonable PVE DPS Que Times (LFD/LFR) and Random BG Que Times
    Reasonable W:L Ratio for Random BGs
    Also if talking about Tarren Mill, I know Nihilium/Kungen exist on that realm. Does that cause any issues? (Population Surges and such)

    Thanks for Reading

    RIP The Mythic Dream

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    Al'akir is big, too big for my taste.

    Stormreaver would be my pick

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    /10 Chars


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    According to WowPop and WowProgress Stormreaver sits in between Tarren Mill (8,532) and Al'Akir (6,172), with Stormreaver on 7,807 apparently. And I also looked at Stormscale (11,154) which I found too busy especially considering my Current Realms are around 6,000 and 4,000 and Kazzak is even more densely populated. Do Battlegroups still effect Random BGs, are is everyone versus everyone now?

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