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    Power Leveling - Legit?

    I'm not sure this is the place in the forum to post this thread, but nvm. Since I have 1 level 90 and I want a warrior SO desperately I started a warrior, but after the first 9 levels again I got SO annoyed of the 1 spell I have and the countless meaningless quests I thought about power leveling. The thing is that I think this is scam. And I bearely can trust someone. So the point is, does anyone know a legit power leveling. I'm not sure wether I'm going to use it, but if you know or have used a power leveling service please share. If this is not the place feel free to move it

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    Power leveling is against the terms of service and is a scam. You're giving away your login details (thus sharing your account) for someone to use to "power level" you up. What you don't realize is they can change everything about the account, even take it from you.

    Since we don't discuss that kind of thing here, I will close this thread.

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