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    DK swap over

    Being a Hunter isn't that exciting... I miss being a tank That being said I don't want my Paladins back. They have seen many things in this world and I believe they long for their well deserved rest.

    Swapping over... I got to thinking and got to wondering how Dks are currently sitting. Is the old days of "Unholy is to be burned" or has that idea changed? I played as Frost a while back and I remember having some fun as the bugger but is it true that they aren't doing to great? My idea is to play MS as Blood since tanking gives me a warm feeling on the inside, who doesn't love being the one who gets punched in the face the most. My OS would be Frost probably since I loved the lack of pet, I hate the pet AI and having to nanny the morons, and the fact that it felt like I had to mash something constantly without giving my hand the ability to catch up. Is Blood in a good place? Are they doing well with all the "Blood is OP and should have their X nerfed!"?

    Mostly I'm sick and tired of playing a class that feels like it is going from being enjoyable to broken depending on who is pissing and moaning the most at any given time

    Also can someone recommend a server for me and maybe a guild that does some raids? I've lost all my old friends from WoW and my old servers still have too many memories to not hurt to return to. Oh and let me add I'm EU

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    Most important would be an eu server really. Set on the idea Asti stands. Just need a place/guild to call home
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