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    On use Trinkets are imbalanced and none exist in PvE where they belong.

    I think blizzard is afraid of 2 minute on use trinkets.
    They nerfed PvP trinkets saying the burst cooldown stacking is too strong.

    Which makes sense.
    1 Minute on Use is actually a buff to some classes.
    because they can perfectly stack their burst cooldowns with PvP on use trinkets.

    For example of 1 minute major burst cooldowns

    Rogue // Shadow Dance 1 min
    Mage // Frozen Orb 1 min
    DK // Pillar of Frost 1 min
    Hunter // Beast Within 1 min

    Most other DPS classes in Arena have 2 or 3 minute burst cooldowns.
    Making the 1 minute PvP trinket less optimal but still strong.

    Druids // Incarnation 3 min
    Shaman // Ascendance 3 min
    Warrior // Avatar 3 min
    Paladin // Wings 2 min
    Warlock // Demon Soul 2 min

    And other classes are unaffected without really have burst cooldowns and can use trinket just for added damage on their normal rotation which include bigger end damage spells as oppose to cooldowns.
    Monk, Priest

    I think that lower stats on the Trinkets was probably a good thing.
    Because it would create these situations where opening Burst was pretty heavy.

    But I think that a middle ground can be found...

    For example, if there was a 2 Minute on Use PvP trinket that had no pvp power
    But instead offered Mastery or Critial strike like battle master's do.

    So a player could chose to have, more consistent damage or more burst damage at the price of pvp power.
    Fair? I dunno, it just seems lame how on my Ret paly My pvp trinket got nerfed and it turned out to be a buff for other classes.
    I can't even turn to PvE for an on Use trinket since they are none...

    I think in a Perfect world.
    There would be no on use or on proc PvP trinkets. Just like in Burning Crusade.
    You would only use PvP trinket or battle master's.
    I think when the human racial came in effect, blizzard was stuck in this awkward position and created new trinkets to compensate

    For example

    Malevolant Badge of Dominace

    2300 PvP power
    1300 Resilience

    Pretty much this trinket would be better for PvP then any PvE trinket
    Just no Burst cooldown stacking...

    Could even buff battle master's to make it compete with this trinket.

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    Pretty good post and i agree, but lets be honest: who gives a f*ck? it's not changing. :/

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    On use trinkets are better for PvP when you need the clutch burst.

    Proc trinkets are better for PvE over the duration of a raid encounter.

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