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    Offer him some constructive criticism about his play.

    If he doesnt't take it well, you probably need to replace him.

    3's are more competitive than 2's though, so as a poster said above, don't take too much from your 2's run. (HPala/Warr is super strong comp there).

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    I know somoene on my realm who *thinks* he is good always raging and blaming his teamates.
    If he wins its because of him.
    If he loses its because of bad teamates.

    Even though legimitively he hasn't passed 1800. He constantly advertises in trade chat that he is looking for 2.3k exp players for his teams without shame.
    Eventually (he might search for 2-3 hours) he does find 2.3k teamates and when it goes wrong, guess what he still blames his teamates for being boosted.

    He lately abused the queue system in RBGs to gain rating and when he made it through the rating obstacle his reqruiting requirements just went higher.
    Every time he meets a gladiator he sucks them badly so they might take him to their team.

    I don't know whats worse. Their lack of perception to grasp they are average, the its my teamates fault syndrome or the sucking of better players so that they can climb the ladder.

    On topic. Watching streams means absolutely nothing. Legimitive achievements mean a lot more especially on 2s. People snubbing 2s would be surprised how easily they would get stuck even if they did a serious attempt at gaining rating. One of the many reasons 2s are hard is because you can find Gladiators capping at 1700 mmr. A couple of losses to them can destroy your progress.

    Also you will be surprised by the number of people that got their rating achievements boosted. I know a rank 1 player that is boosting at least 2 people every week for the duration of the season. One player alone might have boosted at least 15-20 people just by himself.

    So don't get discouraged by neither your bad mannered friend, nor the achievements some people are displaying. In reality a legitimive 1800 arena player is better than plenty of 2200 boosted players. Also I despise the seperation of being good in PVE and bad in PVP and vice verca. There are no good players in a particular category of the game. Instead there are good players and bad players. Good players will be good in every aspect of the game. Players claiming PVE or PVP (yes both groups claim their category is harder) is harder or easier, are just average players. A gladiator who starts PVE will most likely be better than the average PVEer because he is better at the game, he knows his class and his rotation. Similarly a top PVE player, with a few weeks experience can accomplish more than your average PVP player.
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    A Daily quest is about as much effort as organizing 20 people.
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    Brian may answer differently, but I would say mages are hard to counter for average players but easy for great players.

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