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    Question about ferals 5.2

    I´m leveling a feral druid, still on lvl 51, I´m actually enjoying it a lot.
    I have no idea how they are doing on PTR tho. PvP wise I mean.
    What can you guys tell me about feral pvp 5.2?

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    one word: ravage!

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    There getting some nerfs. I'm sure there are some comps that work well with ferals but rogue's are getting buffed and will most likely move back up to being one, if not the best, melee classes for PvP. I haven't done much PvP besides BG's in MoP so meh.

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    Just some CC nerfs, with a buff to rip's damage, but the Cyclone nerf will hurt badly.
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    Feral should still be extremely competitive in arenas.

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    Cyclone nerfed to have a cd for feral, also nature's vigil changed to 1.5min cd 10% dmg/healing (nerf to burst).

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    NV will still be decent for pvp though. Use it with every other TF for burst, and it's still up for every berserk just weaker. I might personally still roll with or try DoC
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    IMO DoC will still be weak cuz it requires you to use predatory swiftness and NS on HT for dps, and is inflexible in when you use them. HotW might be decent for the 6% agil and offheals in case your healer is cc'd, or for 2x dps 2's but that's just speculation.

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