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    SHield Barrier Formula

    I'd like to do some theorycrafting with the 5.2 notes, but the formula on wowhead looks like this:
    ((max((AP * $STR) * 200 / 100, $STA * 250 / 100) * $?p123087[1.1][1]) / 3)

    My computer programming language skills are, at best, horrifyingly bad. I know what the "max" part is talking about, but the bolded part is some kind of mapping or *array or *pointer that I just don't know.

    Anyone have the current, or 5.2 for that matter, multiple for Shield Barrier offhand?

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    The poor and neglected wowdb is faaaaaar better than wowhead for formulas, so here you go:


    (PD: That tooltip is for 20 rage. Multiply for others)

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    That will do nicely, thanks. I shall start checking wowdb more often.

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