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    Arms stat weights in 5.2

    Does anyone have an idea how these are currently looking going into 5.2? Also with the changes to haste, will Trolls be stronger than Orcs? Thanks in advance, I haven't been following the changes too closely lately and I'm trying to play catchup before the patch.

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    It's a bit weird from preliminary simulations, but you should most generally go for a Crit>Haste>Mastery reforge.

    Look at this post for more proof : http://elitistjerks.com/f81/t126901-...1/#post2257856

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    I actually just got finished reading that, I hadn't checked out EJ in a long time as it isn't quite the same as it use to be but there was some solid info in there, thanks for the link regardless.

    Now I'm curious about the Troll vs Orc question.

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    Just compare the stat weights for Haste and Str and you should get the answer.

    Berserking : 20% Haste for 10s with a 3m CD : (20*425*2.32*10)/180=1095 DPS
    Blood Fury : 4514 AP for 15s with a 2m CD : (2257*3.93*15)/120=1108 DPS

    So as you can see there's actually not much of a difference. However, this is only the raw mathematical value of these two racials. Berserking can be used with Recklessness and Skull Banner better than Blood Fury can. Blood Fury can be used more than Berserking.

    Furthermore, Trolls do 5% more damage to beasts, and there are a lot of beasts in the 5.2 raid tier. Orcs have Axe Expertise racial, and the best weapon we can get is an Axe, Uroe, Harbinger of Terror. However, I feel that the 5% Beast Slaying racial trumps everything that Orcs have to offer and should probably be the best Race to roll to for the 5.2 Tier, unless the Racial is nerfed.

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    Thanks a ton man. I think I'll go Troll early on and then switch to Orc when the beast bosses are on farm.

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